A Two Tree Household

Ok, I swore I’d never be one of “those people”…the ones who had a Christmas tree in every room of their house.  My thinking, “You’ve got one tree. How many more do you need??” Apparently, the answer is two. It’s just two. I keep telling myself this. We decided to put our fake tree in the den/lodge and buy a real tree for our formal living room. It smells divine! Growing up, we always had real trees. Picking out  the tree was such a fun occasion each year. Somehow I conveniently forgot how challenging it can be to set up a real tree. First of all, we chose one taller than our ceiling. Yep. Broke a pair of poultry shears before we got the hedge trimmers to scale it down. There just may have been some choice words slip out when the tree started toppling over, heading toward my mirrored console table. At the end of a very long 45 minutes, the tree was up. Here she is decked out in lime, plum, and metallics.

I bought this ornament and three more like it our first married Christmas. I call it the “sugarplum.”
 The feather ornament was purchased last year…Stu lovingly calls it the “dead bird ornament.” 
 A tree topper I painted at a pottery party. It makes me want to watch Dr. Zhivago.
A night shot.
We decided that we wanted our lodge tree to be a fun tree where we collect vintage looking glass blown ornaments.
Stu’s ornament to represent all his travel for work this past year
My mother in law got us this for Marty McFly.
My brother is about to start his clinicals in med school, so this is his ornament.

Here’s Marty in his Christmas sweater. I tried so hard to get a pic of both dogs, but Brooke Shields is a bit camera shy. This one’s just a natural poser.
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  • Comments

    1. says

      Beautiful pictures! I hope to someday be a multiple tree household. I love the paper packages under the sugarplum tree. Such a sweet little pup as well!

    2. says

      I really envy people with color coordinated/themed trees…I might have to go to two trees someday just so I can feel more organized!

      Your tree is gorgeous and your photos are lovely!

    3. says

      Your tree(s) look beautiful!! I love the purple. LOVE it. I am totally doing a color themed tree and a sentimental ornament tree next year. You’ve inspired me! :) And how cute is your dog? Adorable. Is he part Dachshund? My hubby and I have a Dachshund and love him to pieces! Truly the cutest dogs in the world. So what if I’m biased. :)

    4. says

      lol..I just heard on the radio that this is the norm now!
      So you are normal;)
      Beautiful tree..next year maybe I will do two. I have a artificial one I was going to put up for the kids but with the moving I was just to tired:)

    5. says

      Thanks so much, Ladies! I’ve been running around like crazy since I got off work to get ready for a craft party tonight. I wanted to take time to thank you all for the great feedback.
      @Darcy-thanks for the bokeh tutorial! @Casey-YES! He’s 100% piebald Dachshund. I’m pretty partial to the little breed as well! To everybody who’s new the blog, thanks so much for stopping by to say hello…Your sweet encouragement makes all the time put into shooting pics and posting totally worth it!

    6. says

      I love these Christmas tree posts – I’m working on posting my own this upcoming week! I considered having two Christmas trees also, but in the end it came down to just having one.

      Cute blog! As your newest follower I’m looking forward to reading along.

    7. says

      Love your purple! I just finished my last tree this morning and it is lime green and purple! No photos til after the weekend though. I’m worn out putting up nine trees. I guess I’m one of “those” people. LOL Visiting from the tree party. Oh- and what a cutie pie pup!
      ~ Sue

    8. says

      Back To The Future fan huh? We had a cat names Michael J Fox for the same reason! LOL

      Love the tree! Very modern colors and the personal touches with the special ornaments. Great!

      Thanks for sharing

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