Thrifty Gold Mantel

The only month that I don’t ended up rearranging my mantel a dozen times is December. The other 11 months of the year I find myself adding, taking away, and constantly shifting items to try and get that perfectly curated mantel that I see in pictures. Three years with the white beast and I still haven’t nailed a a great look. So when it’s time for holiday decor, I gladly sweep everything away to the attic and start with a fresh palette! No second guessing here- I have a crush on my own Christmas mantel. Creepy? Maybe, but I’m spending a lot of time with it lately and loving it a little more each day.

How the details came together…

1. The gold striped candles I found on clearance at Target kicked off the gold theme for this year. I bought them weeks ago and have been trying to picture how the whole mantel would come together. The three mid century candle holders might just be my favorite decor purchase of the year. I got them at this great vintage shop called Funtiques in our downtown area.
2. This little wreath was 50% off at Hobby Lobby making it around $6. I used the left over ribbon from my holiday plaques to tie it to the mirror.
3. The little trees cost me $7…for both! (Thanks again, Hobby Lobby.) I propped the trees on some spools of thread to make them stand up a bit higher and then hot glued the little gold balls to keep with the motif.
4. These gold place mats called to me like the weird little items on the Pier 1 commercials– I just love them. They ended up being $3.50 a piece. (I have big plans to use them in the nursery post Christmas.)
I kept my DIY gold votives up from last year. I also reused a couple of my metallic and craft paper boxes from last year. (Check out a tutorial on the imitation Anthropologie wrapping and more ideas for brown craft paper.)
The only thing that was a bit time intensive for this was the gold garland. (Tutorial coming soon.) Overall, I am pretty pleased with the result. I felt like it was a little too plain for a while and tried adding lights or garland. Eventually I took out all the extra fluff and kept only what I loved. The best part? After using items already in the house, this mantel only cost me about $35 to pull together.
Here are a couple shots of last year’s mantel. I have to admit I’m partial of this year’s version…Not to mention every time I see that “Merry & Bright” light up canvas, I get a headache just thinking about what a nightmare it was to create…blood, sweat, and tears. Literally.

I’m excited to be sharing this post to several holiday link parties soon! By the way, the chocolate covered gummy bears attempt last night was a hot, sticky mess. I still need to play around and see if I can come up with a better method before sharing it with you guys.

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