Teacher Gift: Summer Relaxation Kit

Teacher gift: summer relaxation tote via The Lovely Cupboard
My summer break is only thirteen and a half school days away–so close I can almost smell the sunscreen and taste the mojitos.  Most kids probably don’t realize that their teachers actually crave summer months just as much they do. At least this teacher does. (Click HERE to see my classroom makeover.)

If you’re a mom, you might be racking your brain trying to find a gift for your child’s teacher. This tote filled with goodies cost about $40 and would be something useful and fun that your child could actually help put together.

How To:
Start with a cute tote and fill it with all sorts of goodies. The fun part is that your child can help pick out the things for their teacher. I printed up this little note on the computer, but you could have your child hand write the gift tag.

I purchased all the items at Wal Mart, and it took less than 15 minutes to put this bag together. I started with the tote and then picked the beach towel. I tried to pull from the colors in the beach towel for the other items.

Here are some other teacher gifts to consider as well. If you run out of time and just can’t get a bag together, don’t feel guilty about simply snagging a gift card in the check out line. Teachers love them, really we do. Here’s to sleeping in, days by the pool, and no homework…(sigh). I can’t wait!

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    1. Elycia says

      So cute!!! I collected money from the whole class, bought 3 bags worth and spa day gift cards to go with! The teacher got a massage, teacher’s aide a pedicure and housekeeping for the room a manicure. They will get them on Friday for Teacher’s Appreciation and I’m sure will be so excited for their summer of relaxation!!

    2. Nichole says

      Cute idea, but from a teacher’s perspective $43 is a lot to spend on a gift. For that kind of money a $20-30 gift card to go to dinner or shopping would have been less personal, but most appreciated and more than generous. Teacher’s end up with a lot of “junk” at Christmas and the end of the year- year after year, after year….

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