Tea Party Birthday

This precious birthday party would be a dream come true for any little girl. My friend Hannah planned and hosted a tea party for her niece Alaia. The details of this sweet little party speak for themselves. (Prepare for your inner nine-year-old to become envious…)

All the little girls dressed up in their fanciest shoes and dresses. The grown ups sat back and watched as the girls sweetly sipped their “tea”, which was actually hot chocolate made with soy milk and white chocolate. Their conversations were so cute. Also in the background was the perfect sound track, Disney princess songs. 
The treats included fruit cups, sugar wafers, cream puffs, eclairs, and the most adorable sugar cookies shaped like little tea cups and saucers. (Hannah’s level of commitment a theme is straight up Martha. )
After the tea party portion, the girls decorated frames with glitter, stamps and stickers. (Alaia’s mom took pictures with the birthday girl and each guest to fill the frames.)
The party favors were “magic star wands”. After five minutes outside with these, a game of “bippitty boppitty boo” tag had begun. Giggles, glitter, fancy dresses, and skipping girls-the amount of adorableness in this scene would rival any puppy picture you’ve ever seen…

Hannah had hats and gloves for the girls to use as props for pictures in the “photo booth”.  Watching all these little girls having so much fun made me excited to think about being a mom to a little girl. How stinkin’ precious are they??

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