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The last few years I tend to wear smaller and smaller earrings. Maybe this is a sign that I’m getting older. When I saw these ladies hanging on rack, they stopped me cold. The picture doesn’t do their 4 inch diameter justice. Who would wear these? Seriously, who?!?

You’d have to be a middle schooler to think these things are worth lugging around. They were so comically gigantic that my friend April and I joked about turning them into coasters.  Then there was a silent pause…both our heads tilted to one side. At the same time, we laughed and determined it should happen. (Meanwhile scantily clad sales girls averted their eyes away from us and towards our husbands who were actually there to try on shoes.)


Really, these poor earrings deserved a second shot in life. They couldn’t help it that they ended up on the shelf of an over-priced shoe store. Maybe they had a rough childhood. I don’t know their background. Now, they’re living a much more respectable life holding iced tea and water. It felt good giving back. Where would those “coasters” be if I hadn’t swooped in and saved them? Probably bouncing beside a cheek that wears glittery makeup and stays out too late in questionable establishments. 

These of course ended up in my formal living room, where I’m adding metallics at every turn. This addition only set me back $8. Don’t you love a happy (repurposed) ending?

**Update** Based on a reader’s suggestion, I  hot glued a little felt to the bottom, so they stay put a bit better on the table surface.
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    1. says

      This post has me CRACKING up! The first picture doesn’t do these flying saucer earrings justice! What really seals the deal is seeing them in your ears. Way, way, wayyyyy to big for any face to handle. You made a smart decision from earring to coaster. The only problem is now Aldo thinks it’s okay to make more of these things!

    2. says

      holy moly those are big! they just got into the wrong profession…they were meant to be coasters! you pointed them in the right direction. :)

    3. says

      This post was hysterical, I was thinking those earrings didn’t look *so* bad compared to what my coworkers wear, but then I saw them on an actual human. Then I cracked up!
      I am so going to Aldo, those are perfect nightstand water glass coasters!

    4. says

      This post is hilarious! I can’t believe that they were that big!! Who would wear something that big??? Hahaha! Great Idea as a coaster, now I am on the hunt for tacky oversized earrings to use as coasters. :0)

    5. says

      They are huge to be earrings, unless you’re JLo!
      But the idea to repurpose them was pure serendipity and it turned out great! Now I’ve got to head to Forever21 and browse their ridiculous huge earrings!

    6. says

      The first picture doesn’t do their size justice… but I love that you added one of you wearing them for effect! This is a fun upcycle, thanks for sharing!!

    7. says

      Hi Heather, these earrings are just the most hilarious ones I have seen in ages. First of all I thought you were going to turn them into pendant necklaces, never thinking of coasters. But, you did a great job. They look fab. Thanks for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

    8. says

      I have to tell you I laughed when I read your post and thought, just like you, who would ever wear those as earrings?! Then, this weekend while in the grocery story I saw something sparkle out of the corner of my eye. I turned around and found – those very earrings on a very… interesting lady. She looked much as you imagine she would and I couldn’t stop staring. I even got in line behind her in the checkout (I’m weird I know). The lady behind the checkout said “Wow, those are some earrings!” to which she said, “You know I get more comments on these earrings than anything else.” LOL. I had a nice chuckle. The whole time I just thought, that lady is wearing coasters on her ears! :)

    9. says

      Nenee from Real Housewives is probably wanting to smack you right now for taking her earrings! That is the only person I can think of that would or could want those as earrings. The coasters are a much better use for sure! Thanks for the good chuckle.

    10. Anonymous says

      The picture of you wearing the earring is hilarious. As they are metal though, I wonder how well they are performing as coasters, how are they doing?

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