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There is no better time to visit New York City than in the fall. It really is just a great as the movies make it out to be. (How many of your favorite movies are set here??) Stu was working in Manhattan this past week, and I got to join him during the weekend for a little getaway. Between frequent flyer miles, hotel points, and per diem money from his company, my visit was practically paid for. The only thing better than vacation is a (practically) free vacation!
I will say that visiting NYC in my third trimester was a bit different than my previous trips there. The upside of visiting the city with the best food in the world while pregnant? I ate EVERYTHING in sight. Yes, everything. I had no qualms about snagging a slice of pizza within an hour of dinner. If I smelled it, I ordered. If I ordered it and liked it, I ordered another. Guilt-free food fest!! (I know, I know. I’ll have to work it off later-don’t spoil my fun. It’s one of the only good things about pregnancy.)The downside was having to cut out a lot of the walking involved in a typical NYC visit. Usually I take the subways or walk anywhere within a mile, but we took cabs as often as we could to avoid swollen feet. (The 14 hours in airports and planes on the way home did some major damage to my feet and ankles…It was scary.)

We found this cute macaron shop, and I couldn’t resist. I had trouble narrowing down what I wanted but ended up with hazelnut, pistachio, and pumpkin spice. I had high hopes for the pumpkin spice, but  pistachio was the winner, hands down.

We ate some stellar chicken picatta and fettuccine at Tony di Napoli’s and then saw a play with Ed Asner and Paul Rudd. (Stu and I both love Mr. Rudd-we like to think he’d be friends with us if we ever met.) We started our Saturday with brunch at Five Points. I ordered brioche french toast with vanilla cream sauce and a berry compote-crazy good way to start the day.

The highlight of the trip for me was our afternoon in Bryant Park. Adorable little shops, Christmas music playing, outdoor ice skating, people all around enjoying the park. This is my favorite kind of New York moment. I’ve been to Rockefeller Center during the holiday season, but Bryant Park was more my speed. It wasn’t overly crowded, and the shops had some of the best finds. There were plenty of vendors with warms drink and treat options.
We came across a cute shop that sold unique little paintings and drawings. We got this great map of the Manhattan neighborhoods as well as a “magic tree” for the nursery.
We made a trip to Jing Fong for dim sum, which is like Chinese tapas. Ladies (who speak no English) come by your table with carts stacked high with little plates of steamed dumplings, seafood, rolls, and sticky rice. They offer you anything on their cart, and you shake or nod your head. It is a fast paced, sensory packed, and slightly scary dining experience. This was Stu’s first time with dim sum, so he was mesmerized by the whole scene.
After lunch we did a little shopping in Chinatown and came across a shop that only sold chopsticks. They ranged from plastic to hand carved rosewood, and the prices were anywhere from $3 to over $500 a pair. It was such a cute little shop, but the owner wouldn’t let me take pictures inside.
After getting home, I wanted to watch You’ve Got Mail and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I am so enamored with the city. Stu and I both have a pipe dream of ending up there one day. Considering how expensive it is to actually live in Manhattan, we know that will probably never happen. We console ourselves by promising we’ll come back every couple years for weekend trips. We realized that this weekend’s was the last trip we will have before the bebe arrives…weird and exciting to think of that. 
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      Your trip sounds fantastic!! And you guys certainly ate well. I’ve never tried dim sum—but have always wanted the experience of it. Fall in NYC is awesome. Glad you guys had a great time!

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      So insanely fun. I’m jealous. Really. The only time I’ve been to NYC we drove through. Five college students piling out of a van to get pizza…and I was the driver. We circled the block and picked us up. Incredible fun, but also very unfulfilling.

      I happy for you.

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