Nursery Wall Update

In my mind polk dots are directly correlated to the level of happiness you feel when you enter a room. Gemma’s nursery wall got a little update this weekend. This is an otherwise blank wall that we stare at everyday, so it was time well spent on a little face lift. (You can see the old nursery wall here.)

A while back I connected with Danielle Hardy of Urban Walls on Instagram. No doubt you’ve seen Danielle’s wall decals somewhere before. She has all sorts of fun shapes that can add a little color and pattern to plain walls. There are several smaller decals like the dots I used as well as triangles that are perfect for kids’ rooms. She also has larger decals that would be gorgeous in a living area or entry.

Our DIY Process:

*This was just the process we used. It is not as precise as other methods might be, but it worked for us. If you are type A, you will probably hate this.
1. Spray with cleaner and wipe down wall surface. Allow to dry.
2. Cut individual stencils from the sheet. 
3. Measure the width of your wall and divide by the number of column you plan on having. (I knew I wanted my columns about 12 inches a part. My decal pack came with 75 dots. I planned on being able to have at least 10 columns with 7 dots in each. I ended up marking the baseboards every 11 inches.)
4. Mark baseboards where each column will be.
5. After marking the baseboards horizontally, tie a weighted string to a stick clip. Hang the stick clip at the top of the wall until the weight is in line with the mark on the first baseboard.
6. I measured and marked every 12 inches vertically using the string as my guide.

7. Apply the decals using a credit card to transfer to the wall. Peel backing off at a 45 degree angle. 

I know that there are probably better ways to have gone about applying the decals…The shortcut of using the stick clip with string ensured that we only spent a couple hours rather than the whole day on this project. I’ll be honest the pattern is not completely symmetrical, which I’m sure would drive some people crazy.  Cutting a few hours off of the project time for slightly crooked lines is a good trade off to me. If I was painting, obviously that would be a different story.
I wish that I had know about decals when I redid my dining room wall a few years back. Stenciling seems irrelevant when you could use decals that take less time and are not permanent. With as often as I like to change things up, decals are my new wall treatment of choice! Seriously, so much easier than painting.Me: Do you think she’ll notice them?
Stu: Probably not…unless it’s just to peel them off. 

(Blank stares at each other as Gemma immediately lunges for a dot and attempsts to peel it off the second she can reach it.)

This was the perfect weekend project that is already adding to my happiness. It’s hard to be grumpy when you’re staring at a wall of polka dots. Ok…2:00am wake up calls might challenge that notion, but at least I have something to stare at when I’m rocking the baby now.

You can check out all the decals that Urban Walls offers on their shop site. Also, check out Danielle’s blog full of all sorts of gorgeous findings.

*This was a sponsored post. I only post about products I truly love and use in my own home.



  1. says

    This is so cute! I really like the subtle colors of the dots. My kids would totally pull a Gemma and try to undo all of that work.

    I would suggest noting in the post’s title or at the top that this is a sponsored post. I personally don’t care. Plus, this fits both your voice and your content beautifully. I think that some people take offense when paid content isn’t labeled as clearly or early in the information.

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    Catching up on some old blog posts…this looks so cute! And I can’t believe how big Gemma is, although I also can’t believe how Evey is either…they grow up so fast! :) I was considering doing decals like this in her nursery as well, truthfully after seeing the stars in Honey+Fitz’s nursery, but this has renewed my interest yet again!

  3. says

    It has FLOWN by, Hillary. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about them because it seems like so many nurseries were using them, but there’s a reason. They just look sweet and playful and perfect in a little one’s room! I’m glad I we did it.

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