Mini Lemon Berry Cakes

I wish I had confetti and streamers that would erupt when you clicked on this post. I am beyond excited to share today’s recipe for mini lemon berry cakes. It comes with a gorgeous gift…an illustrated recipe card by the very talented Lindsay of Lindsay Letters! (More about Ms. Lindsay below.)

The dessert is a lemon cake with fresh raspberries that’s married to a rich white chocolate icing and raspberry jam thrown in the mix. Best part? They’re personal sized. A perfect little dessert for a special meal with your Valentine. (I hesitated to even say that. Frankly, I’ve never needed anyone else to enjoy making and indulging in desserts of any shape or size.)

Click HERE to download the recipe card.

This was the first time I’ve tried using cookie cutters to make cake rounds. It’s a method I plan on using in the future. Next time I might ice the whole thing, sides and all. But it looks so fancy to see the layers, doesn’t it?

If you’re wondering what happened to the extra cake (that was not eaten during the process), I crumbled it up and saved it with the intention of making cake pops. About a week later, Stu found the cake crumbs on top of the fridge thinking they were cornbread. Oops.

OK, now for an exciting announcement… Lindsay is the creative force behind some of the most gorgeous lettering you’ve ever seen. Her work has been all over the web. We share a mutual friend and have admired each other from afar for a while.

We decided to join forces to bring you recipes and lovely lettering like this on a regular basis. Ms. Lindsay is the newest seasonal contributor to The Lovely Cupboard, and I couldn’t be more excited!! (Yes, two exclamation points.) If you head to her shop, you’ll most likely be there a while, so plan accordingly.

Source: Lindsay Letters        Photos by: Lark Photography
CHEESE ALERT…It’s so rare to find someone that you would gladly and blindly trust anything they put their hand to creatively; that is Lindsay for me. Everything she does is just beautiful, feminine, and whimsical. I’m tickled pink she’s on board and can’t wait to see what the future has for our little collaborations. Hand on chin, sigh.
Q: Do you have a friend whose taste you completely trust?
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      Ok seriously the cutest recipe card ever!!! Love it! I need to start fancying up my recipe box now. All of a sudden it seems inadequate :( Lindsay has some serious talent! And Lemon Berry cakes? I am so there!!! Thanks for being awesome!!

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