Master Bedroom in Progress

I’ve treated our master bedroom like the ugly step child of our house for a few years. It has been my last priority since we moved in. Design wise, I still don’t know exactly where I’m going with this room.  I’ve ignored it, called it nasty names, and thrown it some hand-me-down items from other rooms when I absolutely had to. Lately, I’ve been trying to give it some much needed TLC. Since our guest room has now become a nursery (more pics of it soon!), I needed a dressing table. The only logical place for this was our bedroom. That kick started things just a bit, and the room is beginning to evolve. Slowly. Very slowly. I’m only going to show you a few glimpses and hopefully by this time next year there will be full room shots. (But don’t count on it.)

After months of searching for a vanity that would fit in the small space and serve double duty as a night stand, I ended up with a computer table from Target. (Yep, high class.) I tried to make my nook feel more feminine with a scalloped mirror from Lowe’s and the little white stool I got from Overstock. It’s a bit more cramped that my last vanity, but it’s serving its purpose for now.
Also, we refinished the original hard wood floors that had been buried under very worn out carpet. We loved the look of our 1940’s floors after they had been rejuvenated, but needed a throw rug to warm things up just a bit. I am SO STINKIN’ PICKY ON RUGS that I dread even having to look for one. I decided I wasn’t going to search extensively for specific colors, since I don’t even have a color scheme for the room yet. I was just going to find one the right size that was around $100. This was a liberating experience. Seriously. LIBERATING. Not being confined to a specific color scheme let me just find a rug with a vibe I liked. Sound a bit bohemian and free-spirited? That’s what it felt like. 

I found this indigo rug with lime tassels from Urban Outfitters for $79, a great buy. So, apparently these are the colors I’m going to work with. Luckily the hand-me-down lamp shades from the guest room just happened to have similar colors in them, so they get to stay.  (I swear I didn’t plan that.) I still have no clue what I’m going to do for bedding, drapes, or a headboard.
Ok, now let’s chat about this gorgeous piece of art. Remember that darling girl and newest contributor, Lindsay? Well, her shop is launching a new set of canvases. This is just one of the many beautiful new pieces of work in her shop,  Lindsay Letters. Obviously it’s striking to look at, but it also has so many nuggets of inspiration. These are great phrases to wake up to each morning. I’m going to be honest…Our bedroom is not the only neglected room in our house. The upstairs guest bedroom is a catch-all space for anything and everything (including items going to the garage sale this summer). Our laundry room is so disorganized that it’s barely functional. We still have Stu’s college couch with a Wal-Mart slipcover in our formal living room. After three years in this house, I assumed that I’d have all the rooms finished by now. HA! The joke’s on me. It can be frustrating, but I have to remind myself that designing your home is a process…a long, drawn out, and sometimes painful process. At some point during this process you may even realize that you already want to change up some rooms you redecorated a couple years ago. (Oops. Is my husband reading this?)

I know we all have spaces like this. Usually there are obstacles that keep us from doing what we want to them. For me it’s usually lack of money or lack of inspiration. I know for others it’s simply a time factor.

Q: If you had an unlimited budget, a week off of work, and a whole Pinterest board full of inspiration, which room in your house would you tackle?
**BABY UPDATE*** No baby yet…I did end up in Labor & Delivery last night becasue the left side of my face went numb and tingly. Apparently I’m in the beginning stages of Bell’s Palsy that causes partial facial paralysis. This can happen in pregnancy sometimes. Most of the time you regain feeling and muscle control in weeks or months after delivery. So just when I’m feeling UBER attractive with my 70 pound weight gain, newly formed stretch marks, and swollen everything-HALF OF MY FACE IS DROOPY. I swear…I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror. One day I’m going to write a detailed post on all the weird ails of pregnancy I’ve had just so someone like me, who had friends with “perfect pregnancies” and was completely unassuming, might at least be aware of all the crap that could happen. Ugg…this kid better be really cute.
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    1. says

      your vanity looks great!!! i agree with cassie, above, the stool is so cute!

      we’ve been in our house for almost two years and we still don’t have one completed room! everything is still in progress… and it takes money!! plus i don’t want to buy stuff just to have stuff to fill up the empty space. so we’re taking our time trying to purchase and find things we really like.

      currently we’re starting our kitchen remodel – so i’m super excited about that! :)

      also… that’s crazy about the bells palsy thing, hope you’re feeling okay! and of course you’re baby will be cute :)

      • says

        Thanks Melissa. I wish I would have taken your approach early on. (Then again, we’d probably have empty rooms three year later…) Sometimes I feel so compelled to “get a space finished” that it doesn’t have the style I really like.

        Ooooh, a kitchen remodel is a BIG deal!!

    2. says

      Darling vanity area and artwork! IF I had funds, time and vision I would finish the master bedroom. I AM working on it bit by bit.

      Hope baby arrives soon!

      • says

        Isn’t it funny that the room that’s supposed to be our “haven” is the room we don’t have done? Granted we spend most of our time sleeping in it. Well, hope your MDR is coming along. Maybe we should have a “race” to give us incentive to finish them!

    3. says

      I love the vignette on your vanity table. And the rug is pretty awesome too! Sorry to hear about your health troubles. The same thing happened to my friend. She swears that accupuncture cured her!

    4. says

      Cutest update. I love how your bedroom is shaping up, beautiful color scheme. I also love the quote/art so pretty. And lastly, totally appreciate your pregnancy honesty, it seems all of my friends are as well those perfect pregnancies.. Have a great day!:)

    5. says

      Okay so your room actually does look designed. Mine is HORRIBLE. It’s such a cramped space and I’m so uninspired to do anything with it. I can’t wait to move.
      Having said that, I’d redo our living area because a) I hate the wall colour and b) it’s the place I spend the most time!

      I seriously lol’d at your last comment there ps. I was thinking of you all last night and so hoping baby came out! *sigh* Come on girl leave your mama alone!

    6. says

      ummm i LOVE that rug! its so unexpected!!! and the canvas is amazing!!!! :) you will feel so much better when it’s all done and you have a happy room to wake up to! oh! and congrats on the new addition to the fam!!!!!!!!!!!

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