Marbled Paper Art and Mantel Indecision

marbled paperMeet the new “it girl” of my mantel. Forgive me, I am slightly obsessed with her. Like any attractive female, she lights up the room with her presence and demands your attention immediately.

Oh, and she only wears gold. As if there was any other option.

This is not actually a DIY post-if that’s what you were hoping to find, so sorry. This is better…

This gorgeous marbled paper art is simply a very affordable specialty wrapping paper cut down to frame size. Viola! Instant artwork.

I purchased my paper from Paper Mojo. When I visited their site for the first time, it was definitely an “Ohmigaaaaah” moment. They have dozens of equally gorgeous options in several colors; it was hard to choose. The paper only cost $6, but shipping bumped my total to $20. Still, this is an amazing price for a piece of artwork this size.marbled paper art

Help Me: Mantel Indecision

My mantel was in for a major overhaul. I knew that the marbled paper would serve as the large center piece, and I wanted to layer a couple framed prints on either side. The good folks at Minted helped me out with print options. I perused all their fine art prints and photographs and came up with four pieces that I think would work well on my mantel.

I’m trying to pick between two looks that I love equally for different reasons. I’m hoping some of you would help me decide the final art work…

Hook em’ horns…

OPTION 1: Sentimental Black & White
(Staredown & Flight of the Ocean)
Born and bred in Texas, the longhorn will always be a sacred animal. We lived less than an hour from the beach growing up (so what if was the muddy Gulf?). We spent countless Saturdays at the beach, and some of my best memories involved sand in my feet and seagulls overhead. They both have personal significance and in a tiny way help to “tell my story”.

OPTION 2: Modern & Colorful
(California Dreams & Organic Pebbles)
These pieces are fun and add a lot more color to the mantel. Each of the three pieces brings something unique to the mantel, but all seem to subtly imply movement. I feel like this combo brings a little playfulness to our formal living room.
I love BOTH looks. Truly. I’ve switched it up so many times and can’t decide. Should I go with the first choice of black and white nostalgic photographs or the second set up with pops of color with a modern vibe? So many suitors for the “hot girl” paper, but only two can stay. She deserves the best…

What’s your pick? Option 1 or Option 2? 



    • Burma says

      Hands down- #2! It’s livelier, more colorful, bolder and has much more of a fun personality about it. It also opens up a new palette of color (orange is very trendy now) for the little things that make a room home. By the way- LOVE that marbleized print! I’ve always loved the pink/grey/pearl combination, especially on a well dressed man.

      • Heather says

        Thanks for weighing in, Martha! I ended up using the orange dots and longhorn-a combo of the two looks. LOL to your “well-dressed man” combo. Yes, please.

  1. says

    Hi Heather! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I’ll be sure to follow you along now! That marble paper is so good, I love the frame you chose too! Personally I like the first option. It feels more contrasted and unexpected. I always prefer a bit of contrast in my designs! Can’t go wrong with either option though!

  2. says

    Love the marbled paper art. I also like option one – it let’s the marble paper stand out. In the second option my eye is drawn to the smaller pieces first which are really lovely too. Either option would be great though. :)

  3. Anonymous says

    Agree with option 1 votes above, this look allows all the pieces to be an individual, but still cohesive.

  4. says

    Huh. I’ll go against the flow: option 1 looks kind of random to me. Option 2 keeps the pieces related, without matching. I like the way the different rounded lines and the different ways of using similar colors play off of each other. (I don’t like the white frames with the gilt one, though.)

  5. says

    They both look great, but I’m leaning towards option 2! (Seems that I’m part of the minority group here though… 😉 They really do both look great. Will you keep the undisplayed options in option 2, maybe find another place for them somewhere else in your house?

  6. says

    I love the horns photo so this was a tough decision but I have to go with option 2. I love how the orange & pinks in the two prints bring out the colors of the marble. Of course in my own house I have a tendency to swap artwork around weekly.

  7. says

    They both look awesome! (And I love the marbled paper too!) I think my favorite is staredown and flight of the ocean. Something about those horns I just love paired with the marble paper!

  8. says

    Oh my goodness I love this so much. I am 100% getting some marbled paper now. Just gorgeous. It is a tough choice, but I think I like the colorful option better. If you have a second and wanted to link up at The Makers link party over on my blog, it would make me so happy. :)

  9. says

    I came across your blog from another one — Censational Girl — and I love the marbled paper art. I have two thrifted gold frames that would work perfectly. They sell several versions at Blick Art, and I’m planning on swinging by to pick some up tonight! Thank you for sharing the great idea!

  10. says

    So, I don’t know if you saw this, but The Zoe Report (as in Rachel Zoe’s blog) just pinned your pic on Pinterest! I was scrolling through and recognized it from your blog and sure enough! Congrats on all of your success! I am so proud of you!

  11. Ashley says

    Hi there!

    I love this marble paper! Can you tell me which color combination you ordered from Paper Mojo? The Turquoise/Apricot/Raspberry or the Grey/Apricot/Raspberry?


    • Heather says

      Hi Ashley! Mine is the grey apricot raspberry. I will give you a heads up that it’s darker in person than it appears in my photos. Hope that helps. (you’re going to love it!!)

      • Ashley says

        Thanks! I ordered a sample to make sure the colors look right in my space! You’re looks so pretty!

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