Little Mister: A Bow Tie Baby Shower

Whenever I’m throwing a shower, I have a tendency to “throw” myself into it  Much to my husband’s dismay, I morph from the girl he married into crazed party planner, ignoring the budget and rearranging the furniture with or without help. I lose sleep, forget to eat, and make more trips to Hobby Lobby than any sane person should in a week’s time. Sadly, I love this process. I love it more when I’m throwing it for someone who can only be described as my “kindred”. 
My best friend Tanya is expecting her first and couldn’t more excited. When we sat down to plan the shower, immediately we had flashbacks of wedding planning. (We were both each other’s maid of honor and decided to get married within a month of each other…What were we thinking?”) We even planned the date around when our dear friend Laura (Lark Photography) wasn’t traveling the globe and could shoot the shower. Tanya has impeccable taste, and I knew this shower had to stand out. We based our theme around this adorable invite we found on Etsy.

I got a little ambitious with the favors and made mixed berry pies in mini mason jars for the guests to take home with them. I snagged this great idea from Paiges of Style.
The bow tie cupcakes and lemon curd fruit tarts were made by my sweet friend Anna of
 I got desperate at 2am and decided my only option for getting the ribbon up was hot gluing it to the trim. That was a snap decision that I’d pay for later. Clean up involved repainting the trim…
Flattering pictures? No. Ones that accurately convey our relationship? Absolutely. I love this girl so much and know she’ll make a fabulous mama.
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    1. says

      Janelle posted your recipe on her blog and I thought I would come over and say “hi” I pinned that salad, to make at a future date :) Looks really good. Love, love your stenciled wall. Wow, such a statement in the room. And the party you threw for your best friend? So stinkin cute! I love that last picture, that is priceless. {too funny about the glue gun on the trim…yeah probably not a great idea, but oh well, at least you fixed it!}

    2. says

      Thanks so much for stopping by and the great feedback! I visited your blog and feel I will be back frequently. What a devastating loss you went through with your home! I think most people would have given up and not rebuilt. I’m always amazed by the people I “meet” in blog land and love hearing their stories.

    3. says

      What a lovely baby shower! The pictures are great. I got some good ideas for the shower I am giving in a few weeks. My friend and I have a blog and we are teachers as well. It is great to see other creative people finding a way to do what they love. Check us out if you get a chance:

    4. says

      holy cow, did not realize you two were best friends! i was at her wedding! it was so beautiful! so we may have already met. :)
      anyway, this shower looked amazing. way to go! love the streamers with the buttons!

    5. says

      Super cute! All of it especially the one of you hugging your best friend and her baby belly. It is fun to have such close friends. And you are funny! I did the same thing for my daughter’s birthday party this month. It was my first little go at doing it all myself and making it all myself. I could not sleep and thought about it from January up until that day! I was even upstairs during the beginning of the party trying to finish a couple more pinwheels…can you ever have enough???

    6. Anonymous says

      What a lovely shower! It has provided great inspiration for a shower I am planning. I also love the rug you have in your dining room – do you mind sharing where it is from?!

    7. says

      OMG I seriously read the first paragraph and had to take a minute to make sure you werent talking about me! HA I am the same way when throwing a party! BUT it is all worth it, it looked ADORABLE!! so cute!

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