Room Tour: Dana’s Feminine Rustic Space

 I ‘m excited to share a gorgeous home with you today that belongs to my sweet friend, Dana. She enlisted me to help with a little styling on her mantel. The amazing ceramic moose from Z Gallerie was Dana’s splurge and focal point for the whole room.  His name is Francis…He has quite a presence, doesn’t he?  We didn’t want anything that might distract from his glorious presence in the room, so mantel decor needed to be picked with intention.


I suggested that she use several different hurricane globes with white candles with a variety of twigs and pussy willows mixed in. This is neutral enough that she could change it seasonally, but it won’t take away from the moose head.
A seasoned DIYer, Dana refinished the console table and also created white “book jackets” on her shelves. She  grouped the books by tying them together with twine. Dana’s style is a great blend of feminine and rustic.  She carries the same color scheme throughout the formal living room and dining room, which are attached.
The dining table is from Pier 1. That amazing buffet cart below is from a shop called Loft in her hometown of Austin. (All the cool kids come from Austin. This is true.)
Remember the book of botanicals I tore pages from and framed? Dana was the one who discovered it. Below is her botanical gallery hanging created from the pages. She found the little “coffee table” at a garage sale we went to together; it cost a whopping $2. Can you believe that?
Here’s Dana with Sara Lee. If you’ve seen some of my other posts (with Tanya, or Molly, or Stacie), you may be asking the question, “Are all of your friends gorgeous?”. Yes. Yes they are. Sometimes I have to stop myself from staring. At least they love me and aren’t creeped out when I gush over their amazing hair and poreless skin. OK, stopping now. Isn’t that stonework in the entry just beautiful too?
I wanted to throw in another view of Francis. Such a handsome fella’. 
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    1. says

      Funny, I actually was wondering what breed of human you and all your gorgeous friends are… What a beautiful, fun, fresh space!

    2. says

      Wow…I’m in love. I’m usually not a fan of animal heads but I adore the fact that it’s ceramic!! So cool! I wish I lived near Austin because that buffet table looks so great! Even her desk is cool!

      Thanks for the inspiration! Her house is lovely!!

      Lemanie’s Randomness Blog

    3. says

      OK my husband’s name is Bruce and our nieces gave him the nickname of uncle Moose this is absolutely amazing! We have a few moose accessories around but nothing worthy. Cute house thanks for the inspiration.

    4. says

      Oh my goodness. In love with the light blue fireplace, that silvery blue damask pillow, and of course, Francis!!!! Teehee, he just makes me giddy. Everyone should have a moose in the home

    5. says

      She really has the “touch”! Love the space and her dog is just my type! LOVED!!!!

      That moose…how funny! Good to have a nice piece to keep things light and humorous!

    6. says

      Such a warm and cozy home,
      that’s why I love rustic style
      makes every space look soothing and inviting
      and the modern touch makes it look fresh.

    7. says

      Hi, I am from Austin and Dana and her family are good friends. Yes, she is gorgeous and her house is so warm and friendly. That was a great post and I enjoyed once again “being” in Dana’s home.

    8. Anonymous says

      Love the dining room! Can you tell me where the candle holders are from that are on the dining room table?

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