DIY Christmas Plaques

I know it sounds crazy, but some of my best Christmas finds and crafty inspiration come from the Dollar Store. Apparently my creative process involves browsing aisles of mostly useless, poorly made items to find the diamonds in the dollar store rough. When I came across these mini silver platters for $1, I literally started giggling as I stashed half a dozen in my cart. I roamed around a bit more before the idea struck to turn them into plaques that hang…from something…somewhere.
On what was I believe my 4th trip to Hobby Lobby this week, I grabbed some striped ribbon. I decided that I wanted simple Christmas phrases on the would-be plaques and made a mad rush to Pinterest for some inspiration. This pin called my name, and I decided to try and recreate the image on one of the platters.

DIY Instructions:

1. Trace the surface area of the platter and begin experimenting with lettering on paper. (If you’re not into free handing, there are some great rub-on transfers at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Even a simple monogram would look really nice and make a gorgeous gift.)
2. Add your image. I used chalk ink on the platters for the lettering. This worked well because it wiped off with a wet q-tip when I made a few several mistakes. I had planned on adding some color, but ended up liking the look of plain white.
3. Hot glue ribbon to the back of the platters. Trim any excess ribbon that shows from the front.
Once they dried, I played around hanging them in several spots around the house. They were cute just hanging on doors from door knobs, but I ended up putting them on the windows that separate our dining room from sun room/den. (Notice my Dollar Store garland- 15 feet for $1, folks!! Sure, it’s a little anemic, but it was so stinking cheap.)
This little craft really got me in the Christmas mood…I’m planning a few more crafts from my dollar store finds. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you might remember some of my paper decor from last year. Nothing makes me happier than cheap holiday crafts that are unique to my home. Here’s a recap of some of last year’s DIY projects:
I’ll be sharing my new mantel display with you tomorrow. Tonight I’m going to try and make chocolate covered gummy bears. Wish me luck…
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      I love that you found these at the Dollar Store. And, just like Kim, I was smitten by your handwriting. Actually, all of the typefaces and fonts on this blog are beautiful. I’ll definitely be back to learn about more ways to decorate for Christmas! Thanks for sharing!

    2. says

      These are so cute, inexpensive and quick which is exactly how I like my projects. Thanks for the inspiration, now I’m off to the dollar store.

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