Handcrafted Jewelry from The Silver Acorn

I am honored to introduce you to my latest sponsor, The Silver Acorn. Owner and artisan Linda creates symbolic wax seal jewelry that is handcrafted in her Houston area home-studio. She carefully selects vintage, antique, and modern symbols and then transforms them into wax seals.  She creates each piece by hand using reclaimed silver or bronze. How gorgeous are these initial charms? Each is crafted uniquely, so there are different looks for each letter.

I fell in love with Linda’s work because of the meaning attached and the delicate look of each piece. I browse a lot of shops on the web, but the look of her charms are unlike anything I’ve seen. They would make a perfect gift for Valentine’s day, anniversary, or birthday. (You better believe I’m hinting to Stu that I need one with the baby’s initial.)

1. Eternal Love Swan Silver Charm
2. Ever Lasting Love Bronze Bracelet
3. St. Michael the Archangel Silver Wax Seal Cuff Links
4. Man’s Best Friend-Foot and Paw Print Bronze Charm
5. Weeping Willow Fine Silver Wax Charm
This time of year you see so many cheesy ads on TV for mall jewelry stores. I often wonder,”Who would spend $100 for a gaudy heart necklace?” Sadly lots of people…ahem, husbands do! If you need to slip a hint to your honey for an alternative, send them a link to this post. Lovely Cupboard readers receive 20% on their purchase from The Silver Acorn

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