Greyson’s Nursery

Remember the bow tie baby shower I had for my BFF Tanya? Well, her “Little Mister” arrived in July and has made his mark already. Even though he’s barely seven months, Greyson already knows that chevron is the “it” print for all modern nurseries.
Tanya MADE this hot air balloon mobile. Get this…It only cost her $10! When she started shopping, both of us were shocked to see how much cute mobiles cost. There were several adorable felty versions that were priced well over $50. Maybe this is normal, but we’re far too cheap thrifty to think that price tag is worth it. So when she found the tiered metal frame on clearance at Urban outfitters, we figured that it was too good a deal to pass up and felt confident that some stroke of crafty genius would eventually strike her. Enter the hot air balloon template at her school. (She’s a teacher too; hence the need to be thrifty-wink, wink.) She picked out paper from Michael’s to tie in all the colors of the room.  Hello cheap-DIY-unique mobile!!!
She obsessed over this vintage yellow scale found at one our local flea markets for weeks. After “stalking” it for a while, she finally decided it was worth the splurge. The precious needle work was actually hanging in her husband’s nursery when he was a baby. It’s probably my favorite thing in the entire room…
Jonathan, her husband, created the faux board and batten himself. This was his first attempt at a project like this, and it looks even better in person that in pics. Can you IMAGINE the patience that took??
After searching all over the web (and calling to complain a time or two), Tanya couldn’t find any curtains that she really loved. Instead of settling, she purchased plain white panels from Target and then sewed a multi-colored chevron print to the bottom of each panel  as well as her crib skirt. The left over fabric was used to line the back of the book shelves. Me holding Greyson with my “Do I look I know what I’m doing holding a baby?” face.  Meanwhile, Greyson’s making his, “Mom, this lady doesn’t have a clue” face.
Question for those of you with kids…Tanya’s must-have item was the little yellow scale. What was your “must have” for a nursery?
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    1. says

      With each son it was different. For my oldest, Oliver I had to have this striped fabric. We removed the sliding closet doors to create a changing table area and I used the fabric to make curtains around the frame. With Sullivan I feel in love with this white abstract peacock lamp. It was so random but the whole room ended up being tied into it somehow!

      Happy Friday!

    2. says

      Beth, those both sound adorable; i LOVE random rooms that somehow work. Also, your kids’ names are adorable!!

      Cassie, i think the same thing about my wedding. would’ve done so many things differently. if only blogs were as big a deal then as they are now…

    3. says

      There is far too much to love about this nursery! (not to mention your hilarious caption with your holding baby Greyson).
      But that scale! Bah! I LOVE IT! I’ve been on the hunt for a scale just like it but the competition here is fierce! As soon as one comes available in the thrift shops they’re gone.

    4. says

      Tan- let me tell you, if you’re ever in the midwest USA, we have THE best flea markets in my town. it would take you a week to hit them all. it’s vintage heaven here. no lie. if you want a scale badly enough, just grab your passport and hop on a plane from Can:) hah!

    5. says

      So cute that little one is! I’m sure he’s happy in his cozy room. My kids are adults but I had to have a glider chair and used it with both kids it’s still going stronge after three nephews were rocked in it.

    6. says

      Can your friend do a guest post on how she made that mobile? Or start selling them on Etsy?! I have been looking everywhere for cute mobiles and just cannot find any I like for my newborn son’s nursery. Love your blog, Heather!

    7. says

      Dana- Hah! After that whole experience, Tanya was considering trying to start an Etsy shop for mobiles! It seems so odd that there aren’t more options out there.

      I’ll definitely ask about a DIY mobile post in the future. Thanks so much for mentioning it.

    8. Anonymous says

      This is Tanya!! Heather, thank you for featuring Greyson’s “crib” on your blog! I feel so lucky to have such a creative and talented BFF! Love the post!

      Thanks everyone for the lovely responses! It is true, I am loving my scale and my “daddy” sewn frame. I even put him on the scale for one of his newborn pictures.

      Being a mom is the most wonderful experience I have ever had. I know I’ll always want to find those special somethings to make his room a special place.
      Thank you again Heather!

    9. says

      Mine would be the 2 owl statues my hubby got me for Mother’s Day the year I was preggo. They are the perfect touch in our baby girl’s room! :)

    10. Chelsea says

      Please, where did the baskets come from? I have been searching for some exactly like those. Thanks!!

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