White Kitchen Envy

I think there must be white kitchens in heaven. While I certainly love color in other parts of the house, I think that white in the kitchen almost serves as a perfect canvas for whatever culinary art (or ordinary grub) is created there. Maybe that’s a bit much, but I really do feel like there is such calm in a white/cream/ivory room. I rounded up some of my favorite pictures of white kitchens. 
 The corner nook and  marble counter tops are gorgeous.
 I think the backsplash tile and modern chairs help this room feel so fresh.

 This would be a great space to entertain in.
 TO DIE FOR brick ceilings! Agh!
 Great use of chocolate browns and gold in a white room.
All images courtesy of Pinterest.
Totally random side note: Does anyone remember that commercial where the kids are trying to describe their teacher’s teeth? They’re yelling out, “Cream! Yellow! Ivory!” Then one little bruiser says, “Mother or pearl.” I used to love that. Maybe because as a teacher I could totally see this happening. All the synonyms for white made me think of it. Lastly, here’s a pic of my own humble kitchen. Replacing the counter tops is on the long term to-do list…along with a thousand other things.


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    I agree that you can never go wrong with a white kitchen. Your upper cabinets look fantastic without doors! I really like your blog content, by the way!

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    Love your blog, Heather! Someday when I have money I want to hire you and another teacher/decorator friend of mine to help me get my home decor out of ugly-land. :)

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