DIY “Vintage” Milk Bottles

Starbucks iced coffee bottles are the perfect size to make “vintage” milk bottles. Readers, this project was a BREEZE, and I used them to serve milk at my cookies and craft party.
 Here’s what you’ll need to recreate them..
I got the white opaque marker at Michael’s. I used the gold one on the Anthro imitation gift wrap. They are replacing paint pens in my craft life. Love them. The mini cupcake liners are from Martha Stewart’s line.

I’d be lying if I told y’all that I worked really hard to make tuffles…Those little white poofs of goodness are coconut Ferrer Roche candies taken out of the wrapper.
Love me some paper crafts. (So sorry trees…)

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    1. says

      I’m so glad you posted this! I was actually spending last night looking for vintage milk bottles that I could use for favors for my wedding. I never once realized it would be this simple! ❤

    2. says

      So very cute. I love the old milk bottle shape too. I did not know about these bottles. I have been using cream bottles sold in our area. Very expensive cream, bottles hold a quart so they are too big for single serve…but these will be perfect.
      I spray paint the lids black. They look great.

    3. says

      I just found your blog through delightful order and I must say you have an EXCEPTIONAL blog…also can we be friends! you have the cutest parties and just so sweet and thoughtful- but you don’t spend a ton…wow.

      anyway sorry to comment on a post from months ago but I couldn’t stop reading! havea great new year!

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