DIY Ribbon Table Runner

DIY Ribbon Table Runner
I keep a stock pile of ribbon on hand for no particular reason. All sizes, colors, and patterns are welcome to hang in my stash. Ribbon is one of those craft supplies that calls to you from the shelves in the store. Even if you don’t need any at the moment, you can usually convince yourself that you will eventually. (Is that just me?)

This weekend I taught a little craft workshop at West Elm St. Louis. We made ribbon table runners that are perfect for an outdoor party or special occasions. I saw this picture on Pinterest where one had been used on long tables for wedding decor. The different ribbon colors looked gorgeous together,  and different colors could easily be personalized to match your tableware or theme for a party. This is a project that even the rookie crafter could tackle. It costs about $20 to make a table runner large enough for a 72 inch table. If making for a smaller table, the cost would be less since you wouldn’t need as much ribbon.


-Two 12” dowel rods (6/16″ width.)
-About 30 yards of ribbon in various colors and widths
-Low temp hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
-Measuring tape or yardstick
1. Determine the length of ribbon needed.
Measure the width of your table and add 12 inches to allow for overhang on each side.
2. Plan your ribbon pattern with “practice” segments.
Cut 2 inch segments of ribbon in the colors that you want to use. Lay out next to dowel rod to find your pattern. (Tape together if desired.) This will be your pattern example to follow with the actual ribbon segments.
3. Measure and cut ribbon segments.
After measuring the first ribbon segment to desired length, you can use this as the measuring “stick” for other pieces.
4. Create a “glue line” guide.
Using a ruler, draw a straight line on the dowel rod. This will serve as your guide when gluing ribbon.
5. Glue ribbon on the 1st end.
Add a small strip of hot glue on the glue line. Measure a thumb’s width of ribbon and place ribbon on the glue line here. Allow it to cool a few seconds. Next, add a small dab of glue to the end of the ribbon and press in place to cover the rod.
6. Trim uneven ribbon.
After the first rod has been covered with ribbon, stretch out each piece on the floor. If lengths look different, trim ribbon to the same length.
7. Glue ribbon on second dowel rod.
 (See step #5.)
Ribbon Table RunnerWhen arranging your table runner…After placing the runner on your table, untangle ribbon so that each segment is laying flat. If you can place a vase or bowl in the middle to hold in place, this will work best.

Bring It On…

I don’t know about you guys, but I am READY for summer. We ate outside a couple times this week, and plan on doing that more before it get’s too hot. I can’t remember the last time I was ready for this season…I’m really excited about the things Gemma can do this year. Last year, she was really too young to swim or go to parks and the zoo. This year we are signing up for anything safe enough for a very curious 15 month old. This mama needs some help entertaining her “adventurous” nature! What are you guys looking forward to for the season? A trip? New books to read by the pool? Home projects?

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      What a fun and simple project. I bet those West Elmers ate it up! I am so excited about summer and not getting up early for school. No lunches to pack, no homework, and lots of lazy days. Harper is 18 months and ready for more fun too so I can’t wait for that!

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