DIY Paper Christmas Trees

paper trees craftI love paper crafts, and Christmas is the perfect time to experiment with new decorations. I wanted some little trees to add to my buffet that would lend some height to the long table. These paper trees cost me less than $20 and an hour to make. 
These are so simple and would be perfect for a craft party. Even kids can make these. Hello paper trees, I love you to pieces.We picked up a much larger tree this afternoon… It was a slightly more expensive than these. I’ll be finishing up Christmas decor this weekend and posting pics next week!
PS-I feel like watching Love Actually and Home Alone. And drinking cider with Red Hots. And wearing fuzzy slippers. End Christmas past time cliches.
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    1. says

      I’ve been thinking about watching Home Alone…lol…What a lovely site you have. Clean and modern. Easy on the eyes…

      This project reminds me of a tree I did with my first grade class, obviously the execution was much different…lol.

      Make my grinch heart grow a little bigger and please share this @ myHoliday Link.

    2. says

      thanks evie! It was my first time doing that, so I wasn’t sure how people would feel about it.

      Nicolette, that means a lot since those are two adjectives I was shooting for:) Home Alone really is a classic. I’m a sucker for the first one…never did like the sequels much. I’ll be sure to check out your link party.

    3. Anonymous says

      I’m new at this and need instructions to make these cute trees. Could you post them materials needed, etc.? Thank you,

    4. Anonymous says

      I neglected to leave my e-mail address. I’m Susan who needs to know the materials and measurements for your paper trees. I’m really anxious to try these. My e mail is :
      Thank you,
      Susan Dimon

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