DIY: Paint Dipped Ceramic Pots

I envy anyone who lives in the same city as Ikea. Heck, I’d settle for having one in my own state. Our trip to Ikea last week was driven by the desperate need for an office redo, which is in progress now. (Lots of pictures coming soon!) While I was there I found some very inexpensive ceramic pots and remembered this post that I had seen a few weeks earlier. Knowing that I had a graveyard of paint samples in my basement, the pots were just asking to become a project. They cost a mere $2 and $3. (Ikea, will you marry me??)

Do NOT lay them on anything paper to dry. The paper stuck to the dried paint and was a big pain to deal with. Next time I’d try foil or anything plastic as a drying surface.

I just love how these little pots turned out… I pray that the plants inhabiting them stick around longer that the last ones did. Seriously, I can kill anything with leaves. I am not even attempting actual gardening this year without a plant mentor. House plants are the only kind that even have a chance of survival under my not-so watchful eye.

You’ve probably seen one of the paint dipped projects that have been popping up all over the place lately. I’m planning on trying these dipped utensils from House of Earnest soon.

It’s been a rainy, gloomy Spring Break week here in the Midwest. I was hoping for a bit of sun, but the rain has made for several epic naps. What are some of your favorites for a rainy day?

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      Your pots turned out so cute, love them! I’ve given up on live plants- I’m just too lazy. As for rainy days, I love to curl up under a blanky with a good book and something chocolate to eat. Yum! :)

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      What a beautiful idea! With spring (hopefully) arriving soon here in Seattle, I’ve been inspired to fill the house with more life! This is such a fantastic and simple way to pretty-up standard pots.

      Your blog is fantastic! I’m very happy to have found it :).

    3. says

      Those are fun pots Heather! Cool!
      Thanks for coming by to link up…I would love to have you back this week!
      See you there!
      Stacey of Embracing Change

    4. Anonymous says

      i love this idea, thank you! i just wanted to tell you, the only plant that is in a big enough pot is the nerve plant, the short one with the pink veins. you also need drainage holes need need need them! just a little tip to help keep them alive. cheers!

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