DIY: Nesting Dolls

Do normal grown women love dolls? I would typically say no, but I think nesting dolls have enough kitch to win adults over. These little ladies are the first project that I did for the nursery. I’ve always loved the look of nesting dolls, but never had an excuse to have any until now.
After I saw these modern nesting dolls, I was smitten. Then one of my favorite bloggers, Liz Stanley, made some.  I’m really not a great painter, but I knew I wanted a set for the shelf in the nursery. I decided risking a DIY disaster was still a cheaper option than buying a set on Etsy.
Before I even found the blank dolls, I bought these Martha Stewart paints to get inspired. I knew I would end up using them in the nursery somehow.  (Her paint colors are simply the most beautiful and always turn out like you hope they will. I used: Acorn, Camellia Pink, Scallion, Pool, PurpleYam, Pea Shoot)

1. I looked online and couldn’t find any plain, unfinished dolls under $20. Then I was at Hobby Lobby one day and saw some for $6.99! With my 40% they were less than $5. They actually came in a set of 5, but I only wanted to use 3. (While writing this post, I happened to search again for blank nesting dolls and found these for around $10 on Amazon.)

2. I got this cute little fridge magnet at World Market a couple years ago. I decided to use her as an example and drew a tentative design in pencil.
3. I painted the “outfits” first and then added the circles for faces. I saved drawing the faces until last because I figured this is where I would most likely mess things up. And I did. More than once. Thankfully, I just painted over the faces again and let them dry before trying again.
4. Lastly, I sprayed two applications of a high gloss coating to give the ladies their finishing touch.
I think the little one is my favorite…I’m calling her Katia. Turns out the Martha paint colors match Dr. Seuss almost identically. Total accident.
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  • Comments

    1. Anonymous says

      I love to wear wool because it is resistant to static electricity and less likely to cling.

    2. says

      I love the nesting dolls. My dad worked in Ukraine for years and I have lots (like 50) from him. When I saw yours it warmed my heart. I also love that they match Dr. Suess…another favorite.

      I came over from Someday Crafts. And I love wool hats.

    3. says

      The word “Wool” and “Winter” are synonomous to me! I love to use wool pieces in my quilts, it’s like quilting with “butter”.
      The Julie Sinden site is amazing. I love everything she shows, but I would have to say my fav is the beautiful braided scarf.
      Nettie from Spanish Fork, UT

    4. says

      Those little guys you made are adorable! Love it—no doubt it looks adorable in the nursery! And those hats are too cute! I love the wool button up hat! Thanks for the chance to win!

    5. Anonymous says

      I love wool! Sweaters, scarfs, hats, etc. Torn between the turbin hat and the button-up. Black, purple or grey would be lovely.

    6. says

      I am spending a beautiful sunny day on the west coast felting WOOL sweaters that I picked up at thrift stores yesterday. While the sweaters dry I am going to go for a walk on the beach. A new hat would be so lovely.

    7. says

      Wool…wool….wool….wool…wool…. there are no words to describe just how much I adore wool. And that turban hat in chocolate brown would look absolutely darling on me!!!!! Thanks for offering such a lovely giveaway…

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