DIY: Metallic Art and Family Photos

When it came time to pack away Christmas decor, I had a hard time dragging  my gold dot art to the attic. I decided to find a semi-permanent home for it. I’d been waiting to hang these pictures of our grandparents for a while but wasn’t sure where or how.
I used two of the frames from my botanical art that was in the dining room. The distressed silver frames and another DIY canvas project added a little more metallic to the formal living room. (I know…I’m teetering on the verge of overkill.) Eventually this wall will house several photos, but I want to avoid the traditional gallery hanging of family pictures. Until I figure out exactly how to pull that off, the canvases work well to balance out the space. They were cheap, bright, and have a little bling.
Frames (repurposed from the dining room) + punches and gold paper (had on hand) +canvases (purchased for 40%) + $4 stickers + $3 paint pen = $21
My grandparents Mardria and James on their wedding day and Stu’s grandparents, Mable and Glen.
The pictures in this collection are priceless. Stu’s grandparents lived down the street and saw him everyday from the time he was born until he left for college. I’ve posted about my grandmother here before. She was a feisty Texas woman who dedicated her life to sharing her faith and loving those most would deem “unlovable”. She could cook anything you asked and never needed to read a recipe to do it. Pawpaw was a Texas rancher who gave up his dream in the 1950’s to start an orphanage in India. Together they parented dozens of orphans showing them love they would never see otherwise.
All four of these wonderful people have passed away. There’s nothing harder than saying goodbye to someone who had such a huge hand in raising you. It becomes a bit easier when you realize your life was shaped by the love and prayers poured out by a grandparent, and this impact will last forever.
In other news…I have chalk paint, people. I’m hoping tonight’s project works out as well as I’m picturing it in my head.
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