DIY Golden Garland

Do we ever really out grow the love of glitter? Remember those little rectangular plastic containers of glitter in elementary school? I vividly recall resisting every urge in my 7 year-old self that wanted to dump the whole thing on my paper. This love of glitter morphed into an obsession of all things metallic a few decades later.  Well, unlike Jonathan Adler metallic home interior pieces, glitter is cheap these days.  Since the latter fits the budget much better than the former, I “splurged” on all the glittery paper Hobby Lobby had in stock and made a garland for my mantel this year.

DIY Golden Garland:
Items Needed:
-glittered card stock
-gold tissue paper (Hobby Lobby)
-gold braided rope or ribbon
-hot glue gun
1. Cut out 2.5 inch circles of glittered card stock. Cut tissue paper in 3.5 circles.
2. Fold card stock in half.
3. Layer 4-6 sheets of circle tissue paper, fold in half, and make fringe cuts around the edges.
4. Glue the rope/ribbon into the crease of the tissue paper.
5. Fold card stock over tissue paper and rope. Secure with a staple. (I know…a little janketty. You would not find this method on Martha Stewart’s website, but I could not for the life of me get it to work with just hot glue. The staple doesn’t show too badly though. Besides a staple is kind of metallic, right?)
6. Continue adding circle bunches until your garland is the desired length. **Quick Tip** Leave yourself a little room between each circle bunch. This allows the garland to drape better.
I cannot believe we are only days aways from Christmas. Where did December go??? I still have some baking, shopping, wrapping, and White Christmas watching to do.
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      How about instead of a staple using a decorative brad(s) of some kind or cover the staple with an embellishment such as a dimensional sticker, small button, small bow or something of that nature. I’m all about dimension these days. Love your idea and the simple to follow directions. Thanks for sharing!

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