DIY: Electrical Spool Stools

As an elementary teacher,  I’m always spending money on my classroom in the fall. Anything I can do to save money is a must. When a friend and I walked by a pile of electrical spools sitting outside our newly rewired building, we started racking our brains for how we could use them. We came up with a plan to turn them into stools for our classroom reading nooks. Buying bean bags every couple years can get expensive, so I was definitely up for a cheaper option.  

DIY Spool Stool Instructions
1. Spray paint stool.
2. Cut circles from foam pad in varying sizes.
3. Cut fabric in circles that measure at least 4 inches bigger than the largest foam circle.
4. Stretch fabric over foam and staple to the stool. (If using a clock face as a reference, staple at 12, 3, 6, and 9 first. Then fill in staples.)
5. Trim any extra fabric with scissors. Glue decorative ribbon or trim onto fabric.

                         [$8 fabric + $2 ribbon + $4 spray paint + $10 foam mattress pad]

I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out. They ended up reminding me a bit of Luigi’s toad stool. (Think old school Nintendo circa 1989.) I just hope they hold up to twenty-something 5th graders fighting over them (sweating on them, throwing them, licking them…This list could go on and on.) Click HERE to check out my entire classroom makeover!

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    1. says

      These turned out great!! I remember pretending these spools were wheelchairs when I was a kid=)

      Nice work finding a creative use for them!!


    2. says

      Luigi’s toadstool was always the best, it meant and extra life, and for how good I was at that game I definitely need them. I laughed to myself when I saw these pieces not because they are funny, but more like the laughing in disbelief at how clever you are. I love them:)

    3. says

      Love how this turned out. BRAVO!

      I wanted to let you know that I’ve got a great giveaway that ends Friday. It’s for $100 to, and trust me they’ve got something I know you’ll love!

      Stop by and enter ASAP. I’d love to see what you would do with their products! See you soon!


    4. Anonymous says

      I absolutely love this…any idea where i could find some of these spools? I really want to make these for my classroom!

    5. says

      Hi Heather! What is the core of the spool made of? I have a few spools now but the core is cardboard. Have they held up to student use? Your look great and I can’t wait to give mine a try! Thanks. :)

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