DIY Anthropologie Wrapping Paper

My favorite thing about Anthropolgie is that no matter what I pick up in the store, I immediately love it. My least favorite thing about Anthropologie is that my love affair with each item promptly ends when I see the price tag. 

Then I usually settle for a mug or bowl (when I wanted no less than 20 other things). So when I saw this wrapping paper for $12, I began thinking of how to recreate it. Turns out all it took was $5 and a little patience.

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Exciting, huh?!? First I did my best to estimate how much paper I’d need to cover the box. I laid it flat and taped it to the table. I lightly stenciled the design in pencil on brown craft paper and then traced over it with a metallic gold marker. 

The paper cost $2.50, with my 40% off coupon, and the gold marker was $2. I think a paint pen would work fine for this project too. Was it fast? No. Was it easy? Heck, yes. Plus, it looks pretty close to Anthro’s version with 1/3 the price tag. Honestly that price is even less considering I have so much more brown craft paper left over. Then I decided to see how many different looks I could get from what I already had in my gift wrap box or around the house.

There are so many ways to dress up brown paper. I went with metallic “outfits”…

-All images by Heather Freeman. Please do not reuse my photos without proper crediting and linking  back to the blog.

I love the contrast of the rustic paper and metallic embellishments.

 So on the topic of wrapping paper, were you the kind of kid who ripped into gifts and left shreds of paper in your wake or the kid who slowly removed each piece of tape and flap of paper (and drove everyone watching crazy)?

Also, today is the first day of the Link Party I announced on Friday! Head on over to 36th Avenue and link up your handmade or professionally done Christmas cards. Click HERE to head over.

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    1. says

      I love wrapping my gifts in brown craft paper too! I usually go for ribbons, yarn, and bakers twine to accessorize my simple packages but I’m really loving the metallic pen idea. This has given me some good ideas. (oh and I was totally a shredder when I was a kid!!)

    2. says

      I love, love, love brown kraft paper for wrapping gifts. Often my kids personalize the gifts with their own artwork, or stickers, or handprints, or I use a special ribbon, or greenery… I could go on forever!

    3. says

      These are great ideas and the packages turned out so beautifully! I think I’m off to Michael’s with my 40% coupon.. Thanks for the inspiration!

    4. says

      Thanks ladies! I was so excited to share this post, and you girls are the reason why. It’s nice to hear that others have the same obsession for pretty wrapping:) @shesnomartha, I got mine at Micheal’s and I think Hobby Lobby sells it too.

    5. says

      Do you know I was in anthropology yesterday and was like…..hmmm, I wonder how I can deck out some brown paper! You just saved me the time of figuring that out!!!! :) Thanks so much! Visiting from TT&J. Just joined your friend connect :)

    6. says

      Your gifts look amazing. I love things wrapped in brown paper. Your embellishments are gorgeous. I have the same problem with Anthropologie. Love everything, can only afford a mug or a bowl.

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