Tips for Wrapping a Gorgeous Gift & Plaid Gift Tag Printable

Wrapping TipsCan you believe it’s only a week from Christmas? Perhaps you’re one of those people who had gifts bought, wrapped, and under the tree by December 1st.

I am not one of those people.

I love gorgeously wrapped gifts, but typically find myself scrambling last minute and having to spend the better part of a day on the floor with some Scotch and scissors. (See what I did there?) BUT I do love pretty wrapped presents, especially ones that have a bit drama to them.

Today I want to share some of my go-to tips for wrapping, and I have a little gift for those of you who forgot to pick up gift tags at the store. (Because I do that EVERY year.) Wrapping tips


1. Pick one paper for all the gifts.
This makes the overall appearance cohesive, so you can play with ribbon and embellishments. I used white butcher paper this year and brown kraft paper the last couple years. *I think mixing a couple papers is fun too, but sticking to one wrapping makes for a more themed look.

2. Use a variety of ribbon.
Make sure you get different widths, colors, and textures of ribbon. This lets you layer and add interest, so that each gift is slightly unique.
Wrapping tricks 02
3. Use fabric scraps to add pattern and layers.
I am in LOVE with plaid right now, so I grabbed some bargain bin plaid fabric for $3. I cut strips and taped to the boxes before layering on ribbon. If you wanted to be super fancy, you could designate a different fabric for each person on your list.

4. Think outside the bow.
Yes, a classic bow is always a good call. But you can get creative and add other items to presents to finish them off. This year I chose tassels (available at any craft or fabric store).

Wrapping tricks 03

Other fun substitutes for bows:
*yarn pom pom
*paper snowflake or doily
*dried greenery or rosemary
*paper or silk flower
*candy cane

Plaid Gift Tag PrintableClick to download the Plaid Gift Tags

Here’s my little gift to you, friends. If you forgot to snag gift tags at the store, no worries! Just download, print, and cut.

*Use a single-hole punch at the top if you are tying instead of taping to presents.
*Printing on white card stock will work best.
*Designate a specific tag for each person on your list:)
Xmas Collage
It will be quiet on the blog next week, but I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of our family holiday on Instagram.

While the holidays are usually a time when we get to slow down and enjoy family and traditions, it can also be a season that brings painful things to the surface.  We might find ourselves very feeling raw and keenly aware of situations or relationships that we wish were different.

Even if it’s bittersweet, I pray that you’ll each experience some joy and hope this season. I want to send out lots of love and a virtual hug to each of you.

DIY Feather Wreath

Emerald and gold Christmas mantel 04I’ve got a DIY to share with you today that even a toddler could do. Probably. Maybe a really gifted toddler, but definitely the “craft challenged” adult.

Remember my “epic craft fail” I talked about last week? This DIY feather wreath is the antithesis of that. You guys, it took me less than 15 minutes to make and only cost $20.


I’ve got the instructions you can try below, but I also wanted to show you my holiday mantel this year. I tend to always change things up from year to year. Here’s my Scandinavian mantel  from last year, the green and gold mantel the year before, and the “Merry & Bright” mantel  from the year before that.

Emerald and gold Christmas mantel 01Emerald and gold Christmas mantel 03

The theme for this year was “emerald and gold”. I used a couple of my favorite items, like my grandmother’s jade color candy dish and votive holder I scored for $1 at a thrift store.

A gold bamboo frame worked perfect for my friend Lindsay’s “Meet me under the mistletoe” print. (PS-Order by Dec. 10th to get it by the 25th!) I grabbed some books from my stash that matched the theme, and used the white pom-pom trim from last year’s tree to wrap around faux garland and add a little whimsy.

The only thing I ended up buying was ornaments. To add a little interest, I mixed emerald green with dark teal.  Can we talk about those gold mini disc ball ornaments? My favorite dollar store find of the year. I wish I could have bought 100 of them. They speak to me.

The hurricanes were another dollar store find, and I laid one on top of a clear candle holder to add height. If you need some last minute holiday decor for a mantel, buffet, or console you can’t beat this.

Hurricanes + cheapo ornaments = instant Christmas decor

Emerald and gold Christmas mantel 02Emerald and gold Christmas mantel 06

DIY Feather WreathEmerald and gold Christmas mantel 05

OK, now for the easiest wreath ever. You’ll be finished so fast, you might as well plan to make some fudge or Buckeyes in the same block of time. No kidding.

-20 inch wire garden wreath frame (Find one here.)
-2 white feather boas (Find them here.)
-gold craft thread
-glitter gold star ornaments (or any ornaments you choose)

1. Attach one end of the feather boa to the frame by wrapping through wire frame and pulling into a knot. (The boa I used actually had a small piece of thread that I could use to do this, but you do it with just the boa itself if needed.)

2. Continue wrapping and spread evenly to cover half of the wreath. Secure end in the same fashion as you did to start. Add second boa.

3. String gold thread through ornament and pull through the bottom wire of the frame. (This is the trickiest part because the feathers are everywhere.) Once you find the thread, pull and tie a knot closing the loop of thread. You’ll want to stagger the lengths that the ornaments hang.

4. Hang and enjoy the rest of the afternoon because you picked a super easy DIY. Aren’t you smart?

Plaid Christmas decor 01 Plaid Christmas decor 02

It’s a little crazy, but I have to share a new little trick I discovered. I bought this scarf for $12 from Forever 21 on girls weekend trip a couple weeks ago. (I love all the plaid I’m seeing this season, both in fashion and home decor.)

I decided to store my scarf on the side of a chair to look like a throw. Friends, it looks better on the chair than it does on my neck. It adds a little bit of warmth and pattern in front of the mantel.  It’s funny how this wasn’t planned and is one of my favorite holiday items of the season.

So from this post, you can deduce that I am basically cheap when it comes too holiday decorating. Dollar store ornaments, $20 wreath, using a scarf as decorations…yeah, this is a really fancy blog, huh?

Q: Do you have any thrifty decorating suggestions to share?

Epic Craft Fail & Comparison

DIY Modern Christmas village

This week I’m over on Glitter Guide sharing the DIY instructions for a white and gold Christmas village.  I grew up with a village of ceramic houses being part of our family decor.  I decided to recreate the nostalgic village in a fresh way that worked with my living room colors. (By the way the cost is under $20.) Head over and check it out if that’s your thing.

This post was supposed to be about a DIY wreath. It was going to be white and glorious and perfect for my mantel.

Instead I had an EPIC CRAFT FAIL. So bad, you guys.

My grand plan turned into $40 of yarn and shattered craft hopes sprawled out on the floor. I tried to make a yarn Juju hat wreath like this one, and it was a hot mess. After a couple hours of realizing it was doomed, I gave up and ate a sleeve of Oreos.

(By the way, have any of you seen the website Pinterest Fail? It is hilarious and will make you feel better the next time a recipe or craft doesn’t go as planned. Promise.)

Instead I thought I’d share with you guys where else I’ve been on the web this week and a major “aha” moment that came after a great conversation with some other creatives.

My friend and fellow designer Beth of Design Post Interiors is hosting a fun series called “1 Room, 10 Minds, 1 Design” where 10 designers come up with a design for her living room.

Knowing Beth’s style, I chose to use geometric prints, blue, black and several classic elements to come up with a plan for her living room. Check out the full post on her site for full inspiration as well as links to products.

The two sides of comparison | Decor FixTHE COMPARISON TRAP
Also this week I spent some time with a community that’s become really important to my journey as a freelance creative. In January, my friend Crystal and I launched a network for creative freelancers called Springfield Collective.

Having a “tribe” of other professionals to be transparent and vulnerable with in this stage of business has been really good for me. At times I really questioned if the time investment was really worth it, but this week reminded me why it definitely is.

Our topic this morning was “The Comparison Trap”. (Something I struggle with DAILY.) We talked through this article that brings up the healthy and unhealthy ways that comparison can affect us.

Too often, I start searching the web for inspiration and end up in a pool of self-pity and envy. Do you ever feel this way?

One of the things that came out of the conversation was that when you get to that place, you begin to doubt yourself and the mission that you’ve set out to accomplish. When you compare your accomplishments to the success of others, you can start to act or think in ways that aren’t rooted in your true self and values. 

One of the biggest take-aways for me from the article and conversation was to turn comparison into compass and let it point you toward what you value you most.

When I feel those twinges of  comparison and envy creep in, I need to ask myself some questions…

What is it that I’m drawn to about that person or business?

Is my envy really an ache because I’m not doing something I need to be?

What can I learn from or celebrate about this person or business?

I know things like “envy” and “self-doubt” are kind of ugly topics for blog land, especially this time of year when everyone is sharing pretty decorations, quippy posts, and seemingly serene lifestyles. But if you’re like me, then you have a chance to fall into the comparison trap every time you hop onto your computer. Let’s be better at that. Will you join with me in that effort?

If by some chance you ever feel that this is an “unhealthy” place for you to hang out, please remember that its author is real and raw and fails all the time. If you shoot me an email, I promise you’ll find some solidarity…and perhaps a suggestion for my favorite carb.

Black and Gold Christmas Decor

Christmas decor on console table | Decor FixTIS’ THE SEASON
Happy Black (and gold) Friday, friends. Today I’m sharing my entry way all decked out for the season in my favorite color combo.

Are any of you braving the crowds and shopping today? It’s not really my thing. I’ve done it before, and it pretty much sends me into panic attack mode. If I could ever master the art of shopping online, I’d never shop in stores again. For real.

My “crazy Christmas lady” comes out in the fact that I decorate at least a week before Thanksgiving. (I’m sure I have some fellow “Christmas crazies” who probably beat me.)

I’ve been in Christmas mode for a while, but somehow the day after Thanksgiving makes it socially acceptable to flaunt it like Buddy the Elf high on syrup. Prior to that you open yourself up to judgement and eye rolls from those who feel badly for Thanksgiving. (C’mon, like it really has feelings?)

Console table Christmas decor |Decor Fix
LL christmas 02bConsole table Christmas decor |Decor Fix
Console table Christmas decor |Decor Fix

It started with my black and gold lamp (from Target) that has a permanent spot there. I added the “O Night Divine” canvas from Lindsay Letters as the focal point, and layered the gold himmeli wreath I made last year on top. The little silver bottle brush tree was a gift, and I found the larger one at Hobby Lobby. The white village is a DIY that I created for Glitter Guide. (More details soon!)

Some of my favorite projects start at the dollar store. I love changing up every year, so I never spend much on new decorations.

You’d be surprised what you can find for just a few bucks from dollar store that make great DIY supplies or filler decor. (Remember my Christmas plaques? Still one my fav DIY’s ever.) I bought 12 glitter star ornaments at $1 a piece and glued them together before I hung them from the ceiling.

I love this little scene in our entryway, and the twinkle stars make a nice visual when Gemma and I sing “Twinkle, Twinkle”…which is no less than 100 times a day.

I’ll be back next week with a fun DIY for a wreath alternative. Thanks for spending a bit of your time here today…I’m thankful for you:)

*Remember you can get FREE shipping on anything in the Lindsay Letters Shop by entering: DECORFIXSHIP. Check this abstract piece that would be gorgeous year round.

LL christmas 06