How to Pick a Fabric Pattern for Upholstery

How to pick the best fabric for an upholstery projectShopping for fabric can be an overwhelming task. Even if you already know the color scheme you want, deciding on a pattern can be the trickiest part.

If you’ve decided to reupholster a piece or furniture, the last thing you want is to waste time and money choosing a pattern that doesn’t work.

Today I’m going to walk you through my thought process of how to pick the best fabric pattern for upholstery. Notice I didn’t say “fabric”, just the pattern. (I’l have a post on fabric type coming soon.)

How to pick the best fabric for an upholstery project

The star of this post is my latest DIY upholstery project…a bench plucked from flea market obscurity that landed in my living room.

You might have seen my post on Instagram the day I discovered this diamond in the rough…There she was just sitting there forlorn and disheveled. Her previous owner had painted her maroon and then dressed her in a cheap oatmeal colored canvas.

She was NOT living up to her full potential.

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The “Quick Fix” with Cassie of Primitive & Proper

Decor "Quick Fix" with Primitive & ProperHappy Thursday! It’s time for another decor “Quick Fix”, and this week our guest is Cassie of Primitive & Proper.

Not only is Cassie a multi-talented blogger, but she owns the most adorable vintage decor shop and is a DIY furniture maven. This girl can ROCK a furniture refinish like nobody’s business.

OK, when I saw Cassie’s “fix”, I tilted my head to the side and thought, “Huh…That is ridiculously simple and brilliant. Why aren’t more people doing this?!?”[Read More]

The Quick Fix: Elizabeth of Little Black Door

Today my first guest in “The Quick Fix” series is Elizabeth from The Little Black Door. She’s sharing a great tip that can work with any style.

Elizabeth is not only a “blog friend”, but a fellow designer and resident Missouri girl. We’ve had the chance to meet up a few times for drinks (gin and tonics with lime!), and let me tell you she is the real deal. Witty, funny, laid back, and 100% real. You might have seen her home featured in Better Homes & Garden’s “Refresh” magazine this fall.

Yes, this girl has been published. In print. More than once.  There’s some clout for ya’.

All that to say, she knows a thing or two about decorating, and I’m so excited to share her “Quick Fix” with us this morning…[Read More]

New Series & Fabric Covered Books

Fabric Covered Books 2NEW SERIES
Today I’m excited to launch the first post in a fun new series called “The Quick Fix”. Every Thursday for the next 8 weeks, some of the best design bloggers from around the web will be sharing their “quick fix” to freshen up any space. You can expect to see anything from styling tip, simple DIY, or the perfect items to make a big impact without spending much time or money.

You guys, these ladies are some of the best around. We are all in for a treat…

"The Quick Fix" Blog Series

Head back each Thursday to check out what these ladies have in store. If you aren’t already following, be sure to check out their blogs. LOADS of eye candy and different design styles await you. Grab your coffee and blanket and and dive in![Read More]