Caprese Flat Bread and a Plant Tragedy

I am craving summer even more than usual this year, and all the fresh basil in the market is just fueling the fire. I cook with a lot of basil when it’s in season. Nothing works better with basil than fresh mozzarella and tomatoes; the three together are pretty much rock stars of Italian cuisine. This flat bread is by no means original. It’s found in countless kitchens and bistros for obvious reasons. The simple flavors of a few ingredients are sometimes just what you need for a light lunch or dinner. This would also be a perfect starter for pasta or side with soup.
Cooking Instructions:
1. Preheat oven to 350. Roll out the dough and form several rectangles. Place them on a foil lined baking sheet or pizza stone.
2. Brush dough with olive oil. Bake for 10 minutes and remove from oven.
3. Seed tomatoes and slice thinly.
4. Layer sliced tomatoes and chunks of mozzarella on the bread. Sprinkle with sea salt.
5. Return pan to the oven and bake an additional 10 minutes.
6. Sprinkle chopped basil over the warm bread and serve immediately.
In other news…remember my paint dipped ceramic pots project and the houseplants I purchased to fill them? I had so much hope that I could keep the little guys alive. I’m sad, but not surprised, to say that I murdered yet another innocent and unsuspecting house plant.
You guys, I tried…I really did. I followed all the instructions on the little tag, and still wilting happened after a couple weeks. Then immediately I start to stress out like a high school girl who feels her boyfriend is about to break up with her. I tried to be there for it, but not too much- don’t want to smother it. I to give a bit of water, but not too much. “Some sun? I’ll give you some sun,” I say ever so casually as I try to act coy and aloof.
Frantic inside, I stare at it every time I walk past looking for any signs of a change. Obviously this doesn’t help. Within a week the plant is dead, and I have to deal with another failed plant relationship. I just hope the other two don’t follow suit…I guess I should just pick myself up and get back out there again. On to the next one, right? Really, I’m not ready for another plant in my life. I just need time to heal before I can walk past the lawn and garden section at Lowe’s again.
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  • Comments

    1. Anonymous says

      Flatbread looks yummy.

      Re your plant that is in permanent dormancy: I have always found those to be hard to grow. Have you tried a pothos? They are pretty hardy.

    2. Jenniifer says

      That plant doesnt look totally gone to me yet. If I forget to water a plant for a few days, it droops. I would give it some water and put it in the sun. You might be surprised!

      Another hearty, easy plant (that flowers)is a Cyclamen. It has dark pink/purplish flowers. You might give that a try. And same thing, days without water it will droop. Just water it a wait a few hours. :-) Good luck!!

    3. says

      Mmmm YUM!
      So sad about the plant! Are the drainage holes still intact? If they’re covered up from the paint that could be a reason the plant died.
      I used to be horrible with plants and killed every one I touched. I’m getting better now. Slowly.

    4. says

      Ah, chin up! 😉 I’ve killed my fair share of plants and I’m sure I’ll kill more along the way.

      Since you like basil so much, you should buy a basil plant at Lowes! They’re actually really easy and do well in pots. Keep it outside…and water it every so often! That way you’ll have your own personal supply of basil for the kitchen & probably save a bit of money.

    5. says

      OK, ladies-thanks so much for all the plant advice. I’ll try to give it one last ditch effort. I’m going to check the drainage, water, put in the sun, and pray!

      Jami- I actually bought it at Lowe’s. I live too far from an IKEA for the little plants to even have a fighting chance if I traveled for 8 hours in teh car…as if the survival rate is so much better when I buy them close to home.

    6. says

      This recipe looks so yummy and even better? Easy! Totally giving this one a try.

      Sorry to hear about the plant…I’m a natural born plant murderer myself. Don’t feel bad; the plants were probably happiest when you picked them from all the others at Lowes!

    7. says

      Bwhahah – I laughed at the high school girlfriend comparison.
      I inherited my black thumb from my mom, so there are no plants in our house. It is always iffy for the little flowers we put outside, too.

    8. says

      Heather, I am also wanted for many a botanical murder…but I have discovered that all my plants needed was a drainage hole in their pots! I am a notorious over-waterer and thus my long history of drowning my poor herbs. I just place a few rocks in the bottom of a pot with drainage holes (can drill them carefully or just purchase pots with holes)and nary a plant has expired on my watch since!

    9. says

      Congratulations!! You are featured this week on Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy! I hope you will stop by and grab a Featured Button from the Button Box on the sidebar. Can’t wait to see what else you’ve been working on — hope you will link again soon!

    10. Anonymous says

      I’m saving some of your recipes that I’ve enjoyed, just in case they don’t come along to your new site. I noticed you’re taking all the blame for the plant not thriving in that pot, but I can tell you, as the sad owner of several of those IKEA pots, that NOTHING survives in them. Don’t ask me what the pots do with all the water they suck out of the soil; when I emptied mine out, the soil was dry and “salty,” no matter how much I watered. I’ve got a stack of ’em just sitting on my potting bench.

      • Heather says

        THANK YOU for telling me-hah!! Ok, I don’t feel quite as bad now. You should find some cool non-plant related DIY for all your extra pots.

        Glad to hear you liked the recipes:) Some will be brought over, but some will not.

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