Bump Pics and My Baby Shower

Happy 2013! This week all the cool blogs are posting New Year’s resolutions or round ups of their best posts of 2012. I’m sorry…I just couldn’t muster the energy it would take to do either of those. (I’m resolving to do my “resoluting” this weekend.) Instead I’ve got a post about what’s happening in our lives recently. I must admit this feels like a good way to kick off the blogging year.

Excitement mixed with misery is the only way I can describe my pregnancy. I severely underestimated the amount of discomfort and issues I’d have during this time. I won’t bore you with details, but the pictures sure don’t reflect how I feel 95% of the time. (The night before we took these pics, I had about 4 hours sleep and woke up choking several times, so my under eye concealer was pretty much spackled on.) Then waves of pure awe and anticipation hit me, and I’m so grateful that my body even has the ability to grow a life. These 8 months have been such a mixed bag of hormone swings, physical pain, and surreal joy.
Stu and I get a little nervous anytime we have to take pictures together. We don’t always have the best chemistry on camera. Let’s just say that our wedding photographer told Stu that he had a “Chandler smile”. (Yes- the terribly fake, all teeth, awkward grin that looks like you are being poked in the rear with a cattle prod.) When we saw some cute bump pics, we attributed it to the fact that a third “person” shook up the mix enough to give us some more photo mojo.

(All photos by Delve Photography.)
My BF and shower hostess Tanya and I loved this pic from Pinterest and wanted to recreate the “shower” theme with umbrellas. After ordering adorable parasols from Amazon that never arrived (still trying to get a refund), we panicked. We ended up finding vintage umbrellas at some of our favorite local places. Tanya strung clear ornaments from the umbrellas to look like rain drops.
The shower was held at “The Boat House” overlooking Lake Springfield. It was a cold, windy December day on the lake, but inside the room was full of huge windows and wood everywhere that warmed things up. 
 In lieu of cupcakes, my friend Anna made mini bundt cakes. Listen to these flavors…pecan praline, spice cake with cream cheese icing, and pineapple with citrus glaze. They were insanely festive and delicious. Another friend, Jeannie, made shortbread cookies with lemon curd and raspberry jam drizzled in white chocolate. Heavenly.
The little fabric wrapped boxes were filled with salted caramels that Molly made as favors for guests. Baby pics of Stu and me were scattered on the tables in between cute place mats that Molly found. They were paper but looked so fancy on the tables.
There were plenty of savory treats as well. I think had three plates of food, and I felt no guilt whatsoever.
Tanya is explaining the “make a baby” activity. Tables had magazines and scrapbook paper for guests to cut out and create what they thought our baby would look like.
The lovely hosts…They both worked so hard (even being mamas to little ones) to pull off a beautiful shower. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was throwing Tanya’s shower for her little man who is now a toddler. Molly’s precious baby is the one smiling in the pic above. I’ve mentioned before on the blog how much these two mean to me, but I just can’t say it enough. These girls are family. Period.
One of my favorite gifts was a pre-made phtoto scrapbook. My friend Rebecca put together pages for the baby’s first year, so all I have to do is print off the pics and pop them in.
I’m so blessed to have all of these wonderful ladies in my life…I’m sure there will be plenty of freak out moments on my part in the coming months. At least I can space out the calls, so that no one gets overwhelmed by my cries for help. Most importantly, I know baby girl has an amazing community to support and love her when she finally arrives.
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  • Comments

    1. says

      Aw,you’re gorgeous! I love the photos of you and Stu, and the baby shower looks amazing (especially the food!) The umbrellas and “raindrops” are brilliant, I’ll have to remember this for future friends’ baby showers. -Jen

      • says

        Thanks Jen! (Disclaimer: I have packed on a few lbs. and quite a bit more girth since the pics were taken 3 weeks ago….Santa brought me lots of great food for Christmas!)

        PS-She just used fishing wire to tie the “raindrops” to the spokes of the umbrellas. Then they came right off afterwards. I’m planning to use them in the nursery some how.

    2. says

      Awwww Heather! You are SO adorably perfect as a pregnant mama! Just incredibly glowing! I’m gushing over here! <3
      Your baby shower is so, how do I put this, quintessentially you. Perfectly put together, well thought out and magazine worthy! I just love the mini bundt cakes, so clever!
      Oh I can’t wait for baby freeman to come!

    3. says

      Congrats to you guys, I have only recently stumbled upon your blog a month or so ago…pregnancy is not easy but the miracle your body is doing to produce this little being is so worth it. It will be the most surreal experience of your life.

      Love the baby shower pics – just brought back my own memories!! nectarandstone.blogspot.com

    4. says

      I especially love the first picture. You are so beautiful and have “that glow”. My older baby was born 48 years ago today, and in “those days” we did not take photos of our tummy. Times have changed and for the better. Many blessings to you and your family. Thank you for sharing.

      • says

        Things surely have changed! So many people have asked if I am doing pics of my bare belly. I politely say, “No way” and quickly change the subject. I know lots of people that have pics taken without any clothing up top, just some careful hand positioning. I’m sure that was a definite “no-no” 40+ years ago, huh?

        Thank you for kind words and stopping by, Nancy.

    5. says

      What an exciting time! You look beautiful in your maternity shots and the shower was just lovely. Can’t wait to “meet” the little one when she arrives :)

    6. says

      First off–your photos are beautiful!! You guys look adorable!! Love the maternity shots! And your shower looks truly amazing!! I love all the little details of the shower—the raindrops are too cute!

    7. says

      Are you seriously 8 months pregnant?? Because you don’t look it at all, AND you’re totally pulling off horizontal stripes. The photos turned out beautiful :)

      Love the “make a baby” idea, too! So many hilarious possibilities.

      • says

        Trina- Let me clarify…I was 31 weeks at the time of the shower and specifically shopped for a dress that had an optical illusion of making me look smaller!! If you were to see me now, you’d clearly be able to tell that Santa brought lots of good food to my house, and 10 days of non-stop eating and being lazy had a dramatic affect on the “bulge”. Let’s just say I’m glad I took those pics when I did! Thanks for the compliment.

    8. says

      What a beautiful shower in a beautiful setting – wow! I am wondering if your friend would let you post the recipes for those shortbread cookies with lemon curd and raspberry. I don’t figure stuff out on my own very well so a recipe link would be awesome. I am enjoying popping over here and see what you are up to and looking forward to seeing that baby. I am a grandma-wanna-be!

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