Big Changes & An 80’s Montage

Hello, friends. I’d like to apologize for falling off the blog band wagon this summer. There’s a good  reason that it’s been silent around these parts. While it has been a busy summer for our little family, the truth is that I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of The Lovely Cupboard and whether or not it still needs to exist.

After a lot of stress eating and several weeks debating (both in my mind and with very patient friends), I’ve decided that The Lovely Cupboard is going to retire and come back to life as a brand new blog, one that represents where my heart is now. There will be a name change, a new web address, and a more specific focus. You may not even recognize her this time next month. (If only I could makeover my post-baby body so quickly…)

When I started this blog, I was stuck in a job that left me unfulfilled and I desperately needed a creative outlet. The Lovely Cupboard was the place I kept and shared all the things I was making. I loved spending a whole day creating recipes or taking hours to complete a project. But things have changed since then…

Over the last two years, I quit my day job, had a bubbly baby girl, started my interior design business, and launched a network for creatives. While trying to balance working, being a mom, and having a semblance of a life, the blog became one more thing to do. At one time I loved spending my free time testing recipes and crafting, but lately I was only doing so to crank out a blog post. It started to feel weird and inauthentic.

I’m at the point in life where every spare minute I have is precious, and everything I do has to be done with intention. Ok, so that’s true for any stage in life, but it’s only become clear to me since becoming a mom and feeling stretched a lot of the time. I don’t have time to blog about things that no longer inspire me. I don’t want to have just another “pretty blog” with yummy recipes and Pinteresty parties. There are hundreds of blogs who do a much better job at that than I ever did.

Friends, it’s only worth my time blogging if I share what I’m passionate about. It’s only worth your time reading if you get something from it.  

My day-to-day work consists of creating floor plans, shopping for affordable rugs, or finding the perfect sized sofa. I feel like my blog should reflect the work I’m doing. I’ve learned a lot by helping clients use what they have to revamp their home into a space they love, and apparently I have a knack for it. (Good thing seeing as how I’m not independently wealthy and have to bring home a little bacon, right?)

I want to start putting my best out there, and right now “my best” is the budget-friendly decorating advice and trends. I want to share a few design principles that can shake things up in your living room. I’d like to show you how to confidently shop the home section of Target, leaving with items that actually look as cute in your house as they do on the shelves. Maybe I can tip you off to a design trend to refresh your breakfast nook, so you can totally impress your mother-in-law or BFF when they come over for brunch.

This will be the last post for a little bit until I’m back with the new face of The Lovely Cupboard. Since it will soon be lovingly put to rest, I thought I’d do one last round up of my very favorite posts over the last three years.

You might be thinking, “Aww, what a cop out…She’s just posting a round up becasue she doesn’t have a new project.”

This is only a tiny bit true. Would you do me a big fat favor? Would you think of this more like a totally 80’s romantic montage? If I could play sappy music in the background and make an emotional slideshow, I would. That’s how I felt as I looked over the hundreds of posts representing thousands of hours and countless late nights. I poured my heart into these little projects and recipes.

This is my little way of saying “goodbye”. If you’ve been reading for any length of time, I’d sure appreciate your thoughts now… Also, I could totally use your support when I relaunch in a few weeks. It would mean so much, friends.

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  • Comments

    1. Anonymous says

      Glad to have you back. The changes you’re contemplating make perfect sense to me – not that they really need to, it’s your life and your blog. Your new vision for your blog sounds exciting! I wish you the best with your new business and the blog re-design – and cannot wait to see it up again. Your post has been such a source of delight! -Eppu

    2. Rejeana says

      I only recently started following you after a Google search led me to your DIY Fabric Banner…so I’m not sure what I’ve missed. lol But, I’m super-excited about the new content/subject matter you described above!

    3. says

      I’m so sad and so happy at the same time. I’ve been blogging just a bit over a year and it is definitely a labor of love. Thank you for all the amazing projects you’ve shared with us, can’t wait to see your new blog, too!

    4. says

      Congrats to you for following your heart! Life definitely changes once you have little ones :) I can’t wait to see what your new blog has in store. Thank for all of the inspiration and I am sure there is more to come! xoxo

    5. says

      I just discovered your blog a few weeks back. Looking forward to seeing the new direction. I am one of those people who loves pretty home decor but struggle with how to have it all come together on a budget. I can’t wait to see your new blog for advice.

    6. says

      I just found you today thanks to one of my favorite bloggers “Centsational Girl”. I love your idea for the future blog and I will certainly follow you. I only want things that look amazing but don’t cost a fortune. One of my favs on HGTV is “The High/Low Project” by Sabrina. My fav shopping is flea markets, thrift shops, consignment and anywhere else I can find great for less.

      Just enjoy your family and all that you do — if there is no joy in it, it is not worth the time!!!

    7. Miss Betty says

      I, too, just discovered you today. I am really looking forward to your new blog. I am always trying to make my home pretty, cozy and comfortable
      But I need help to know how to do it on a limited. I will be following your blog where I am sure I will find help.

    8. Miss Betty says

      I, too, just discovered you today. I am really looking forward to your new blog. I am always trying to make my home pretty, cozy and comfortable
      But I need help to know how to do it on a limited. I will be following your blog where I am sure I will find help.

    9. says


      I nominated you for an Inspirational Blogger Award (better late than never!). It’s up to you whether you accept it or continue on with it given this post (which totally bummed out my weekend by the way!) but I simply wanted you to know that even though I may not comment on your posts I still take something away from them. You really do inspire me :-)

      Here is my post if you’d like to check it out:

      I’m very sad to see the end of this but looking forward to your new blog…


    10. says

      I found you through Centsational Girl or as I like to say Centsational Kate. Hoorah for you!! Blog about what you love. How will I find you when you come back all new and full of inspiration??

      • says

        Thanks so much:) I Love Kate too!! I’ll be importing the blog and transferring the URL, so it will send you to the new site. If you follow my on Instagram (or Facebook), I’ll be announcing on there as well. Thanks for popping by!

    11. says

      First off – good on you for being true to yourself and doing what feels right for you! I am so excited for you hun and can’t wait to see the new space! <3

      • Heather says

        Thanks so much Kat! I’m still in the process of revamping, but can’t wait for it all to be done. Means a lot that you’ll be watching:)

    12. Crystal says

      Yay!!! So excited for your new blog! I’m sure it will rock just as much as this one!! 😉 and woot woot! shout out to SC!! 😉

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