Beauty 411: Eyes That Pop

Every so often I feel like I get stuck in a rut with my make up routine. Usually that’s when I call my friend Stacie for advice. Her makeup is always stunning, and she practically has a PhD in beauty products. (Seriously, the people at Sephora know her by name.) So I asked her to give me a little tutorial on how to add some drama to my eyes. Check out the before and after pics…

Tools she used…
-brush / (similar to the one shown) Sephora classic flat liner/eyeliner brush
-mascara / Maybelline Great Lash in blackest black (This is a MUST for me daily!)
-under eye brightening powder / Laura Mercier secret brightening powder
Stacie’s cosmetic bag is like the VIP club of make up. I can always count on her to let me know what I should be using (even though I buy mostly cheap stuff.) When I grow up, I want to have make up half as cool as hers…

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    1. says

      I don’t leave the house without eyeliner. Depending on what I wear I have dashes of dark red in my eyes, along w/ a light blue rim around the brown…so the eyeliner really makes my eyes pop! =) This lady looks gorgeous either way but yeah the eyeliner makes her look fabulous!! =)

      Lemanie’s Randomness Blog

    2. Anonymous says

      Tanya says…I need a Stacie consulation! I have beautiful friends! I also love her updo with the 50’s tie-back :)

    3. says

      Isn’t it amazing what makeup on the eyes can do to change your whole look? I quit wearing any several years ago when life got overwhelming but you’ve convinced me it’s necessary to begin again – you look great!

    4. Anonymous says

      Those eye lash curlers make your eye lashes get weak at the roots and fall off…why not just apply one coat of mascara, let if fully dry…use your index fingers to curl the eyelashes up (you look down as you press your fingers up against your lashes) then you finish it off my applying as many more coats of mascara….but seriously those eye lash curlers are no good in the long run.

    5. says

      I’m so scared of liquid liner, I always make a mess. I need to give it another try. I never leave the house without eyeliner and mascara though. It makes a huge difference. I love the Laura Mercier powder. Definitely one of my favorites.

    6. says

      Thanks for all the kind words, ladies! I wanted to make sure everyone was aware that the eyeliner isn’t a liquid, but it is a gel eyeliner. :) It is sooo much easier to work with. Liquid eyeliners have always totally wigged me out!
      When it comes to an eyelash curler, I really think it has to do with the quality of the curler. I agree that some of them can be rather harsh, but if you can find/afford a nice one, they are must have. :) Here is the brand that I have. A friend of mine is a makeup artist in NYC and this was her recommendation.

    7. says

      i must say the model is just sooo beautiful..she looks great with or without make-up but her eyes really do pop! i do also have to say i have used all the products from her recomendation and at 53 i get complements on my just goes to show it works at any age.. thank-you for your great tips..;)

    8. says

      Boy, I could use a little help from Stacie myself! Could you please ask her what the brightening powder is for? Is it something appropriate for a 40+ year old woman, or is it too shiny? And while you are at it, please tell her what a very pretty and talented girl she is!

    9. says

      Hey, Heather! The brightening powder is used to set your under eye concealer and adds an invisible lightening boost! My mom loves this product and she is in her 50’s. :) I think it would be a great addition to any makeup bag!

    10. says

      You know, I have a ridiculous amount of makeup and use maybe a quarter of it. And it’s because, like you, I get in a makeup rut and use the same stuff.
      Not that I need to add anything else, but I think I need to get me some brightening powder…
      Thanks for the tutorial!

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