When Not To Decorate (and What to Do Instead)

When NOT to Decorate Your HomeIf I wasn’t on a budget, I would probably live in a constant state of revamping my home. I can always find some way to tweak a room. Decorating is both my profession and creative outlet. Some might say it’s an obsession, but let’s not go there…

However, there are certain times in life when I feel it can actually be dangerous to decorate.

Dangerous in a physical sense? Not really. Unless you happen to be moving heavy furniture at 2:00am because your husband went to bed and just HAVE to get the sofa on the other side of the living room before you go to sleep.[Read More]

22 Ways to Make the Most of Your Decorating Dollars

22 Ways to Make the Most of Your Decorating Dollars (lots of budget friendly tips to try!)If you have an unlimited budget for decorating your home, this post is not for you.

No, this post is for the rest of us. Those of us who spread out decor purchases in order to stick within the budget.

Those of us who will sacrifice Sephora skin care products for the cheapo stuff to justify the new lamps we just scored. Those of us who agonize in the checkout line at Target and do some fast-as-lightning maneuvering to figure out how to keep both the diapers and the throw pillows.

You know…the really hard decisions in life. #firstworldproblems[Read More]

The Power of the Throw Pillow

The Power of the Pillow Swap

Hello, hello! Today is the final installment of the decor “Quick Fix” series, and Courtney from A Thoughtful Place is dishing about my very favorite little home accent, the almighty throw pillow.

Let’s just pause and appreciate the power of the throw pillow…

Imagine your sofa when you first purchased it. Remember those dreadful factory throw pillows that came with it? (GASP)

Now picture your sofa with those cute textured pillows you picked up from Target. (You know, the ones you snagged when you “just went to buy some bread and mascara” and just happened to stop by the home decor section on the way.)[Read More]

What I Wish I Had I Known Before Buying An Old Home

What I Wish I Had Known Before Buying An Old HomeI want to preface this post by saying that I love our home. When Stu and I drove up to the curb for the very first time, this 1940’s Tudor style charmer stole my heart.

I fell hard and fast.

We put in an offer within 48 hours.

For someone who had her heart set on a historic home, there’s was probably nothing short of writing on the wall that could have dissuaded me from buying one. However, I wrote this post as a kind of cautionary tale to anyone who might be as naive as I was when purchasing an old home as their first home.

I’ll start by sharing my eager homebuyer sentiment and follow it up with some cold, hard homeowner truth…[Read More]