How to Hang a Gallery Wall

how to create a gallery wall 02Remember back in the glory days of perms? A perm done right meant you were the coolest kid in the 6th grade. Done wrong and it was a pitiful sight that brought shame and tears. Gallery walls are pretty much exactly the same.

Oh gallery walls…all the cool kids have one.

They’re all over Pinterest, and HGTV, and your dream house.

But how in the world do you arrange and hang a hodge podge collection of art without putting 57 holes in your wall?

Today I’m answering that question and showing you how to hang a gallery wall with my painless-as-possible method. [Read More]

Permission to Make a Mess

How to balance the desire for a beautiful with the the real-life mess of a lived in home | the Decor FixDo you stand guard over a certain something in your house to make sure that the kids/dog/husband don’t get it dirty? Maybe you have an entire room that you feel the need to protect.

Parties are the worst because you’re constantly on “stain patrol” making sure no one takes Koolaid or red wine anywhere near your precious rug, chair, or (fill in the blank).

For years, I did the same thing too. It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

Sometimes we can be so fearful of mess and stains and
imperfections that we don’t fully enjoy our home for its true purpose.

Think about driving a brand new car off the lot…After the first 5 minutes of euphoria fades, then fear that something will flaw this perfectly new car sets in. You park as far away from other cars as you can. You only allow yourself to drink water in the car for fear of ruining that spotless upholstery. And then it happens. You scrape the side mirror on your mail box or hit that weirdly placed pole at the ATM. Or you let your guard down and spill coffee on the driver’s seat. (Gasp.)  And then oddly enough, the fear disappears almost immediately.

After you curse under breath, suddenly you feel more at ease. Because “perfect” is no longer possible, and you don’t have to stress.[Read More]

The Truth About Being a Work from Home Mom

The truth about being a work from home mom | Heather Freeman of Decor Fix

When people first find out that I work from home, I think the assumption is that I don’t have a “real job”. It’s not until I explain what I do that people start to get it. One of my friend’s moms actually said, “Oh, you have a business…I thought you sold Pampered Chef or something!”

Nope, don’t worry-you won’t be getting any “party invites” from me.[Read More]

NEW Online Shopping Guide

Best places to shop online for your home!Hello, friends! I hope you had a lovely week since we chatted last. Mine has been kind of crappy.

I’ve had two root canals and a teething toddler.

Ironic and painful.


Ok, now onto the good news.  (Because after my dentist bill, I need something positive.)

Do you love to shop online but seem to end up in the same spots over and over again? This post is for you, my friend. I’m so stinking excited to share a resource that’s been years in the making. I’ve spent literally hundreds of hours shopping online for clients (and myself), searching the web for the most gorgeous goods. 

I have finally compiled all my top sources into a new resource for you. I’ve rounded up my 100 of my favorite places to shop on the web and broken them down by category. Today you can head over and check out the brand new Online Shopping Guide.

(Cue choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus.)

This is a resource I wish I would have had when I moved into our home 5 years ago. Or when I started my business three years ago…Or when one of my clients asked for rug sources from me last week.[Read More]