NEW Online Shopping Guide

Best places to shop online for your home!Hello, friends! I hope you had a lovely week since we chatted last. Mine has been kind of crappy.

I’ve had two root canals and a teething toddler.

Ironic and painful.


Ok, now onto the good news.  (Because after my dentist bill, I need something positive.)

Do you love to shop online but seem to end up in the same spots over and over again? This post is for you, my friend. I’m so stinking excited to share a resource that’s been years in the making. I’ve spent literally hundreds of hours shopping online for clients (and myself), searching the web for the most gorgeous goods. 

I have finally compiled all my top sources into a new resource for you. I’ve rounded up my 100 of my favorite places to shop on the web and broken them down by category. Today you can head over and check out the brand new Online Shopping Guide.

(Cue choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus.)

This is a resource I wish I would have had when I moved into our home 5 years ago. Or when I started my business three years ago…Or when one of my clients asked for rug sources from me last week.

Best place to shop online for your home! WHY CREATE A GUIDE?
Clients and readers often email asking me where to find a great sofa or the perfect rug…This will make it much easier for me to point them in the right direction.

Plus I just don’t keep secrets, y’all. I want you to know all the good place to go online.

Part of learning how to decorate your home is being informed on all the options and styles available to you. I think “window shopping” is a great way to start honing in on your aesthetic. (Just leave your wallet in another room if you’re watching the budget.)

For me personally, shopping online is a must not only for work but also for my own home. Since I live in a small city, I’m really limited on local stores. I have to drive 2.5 hours to get to the nearest HomeGoods, for Pete’s sake…

Online shopping guideIf I had to guess, I’d say over half the items currently in my home were purchased online. In this picture alone the sofa, pillows, ottoman, nesting tables, and drapes were all bought online.

I’m telling ya’, online shopping is the way to go.

I plan on updating the Online Shopping Guide regularly, so you can always keep up to speed on great new shops to check out.

I hope this resource will save you time and stress and help you make the most of your decorating dollars. You can simply bookmark the page and use it time and time again. (Oh, and if you have any great shops you think I need to add, please let me know.)

Ok, now go check out the Online Shopping Guide

…and try not to get into too much trouble.

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