New Series & Fabric Covered Books

Fabric Covered Books 2NEW SERIES
Today I’m excited to launch the first post in a fun new series called “The Quick Fix”. Every Thursday for the next 8 weeks, some of the best design bloggers from around the web will be sharing their “quick fix” to freshen up any space. You can expect to see anything from styling tip, simple DIY, or the perfect items to make a big impact without spending much time or money.

You guys, these ladies are some of the best around. We are all in for a treat…

"The Quick Fix" Blog Series

Head back each Thursday to check out what these ladies have in store. If you aren’t already following, be sure to check out their blogs. LOADS of eye candy and different design styles await you. Grab your coffee and blanket and and dive in![Read More]

How To Style A Round Coffee Table

How to style a round coffee table | Decor FixIf you’re here from the Glitter Guide tour, welcome to my home on the web! You can find out more about me here, my work as a design coach here, and catch me posting affordable finds over Instagram.

One area that causes a lot of confusion for my clients is decorating a coffee table. “How much is too much?” is a question I’m asked a lot.

This is especially challenging if you have a round coffee table.

Somehow arranging things on a circular surface instead of a rectangular one can seem like you’re trying to do a 1,000 piece puzzle while highly sedated. Yeah, that bad.

After trying dozens of combinations, I’ve come up with a few “decor formulas” for solving this problem. Today I’m going to show you how to style a round coffee table three different ways, and break it down so it’s completely fail-proof to imitate. [Read More]

Boy & Girl Shared Bedroom

Shared kids bedroom design

Recently I worked with an e-decor client to create a shared room for her kids. This was SUCH a fun challenge, as it was the first room design I’ve done for a boy and girl.

Here’s what Jessica wrote me…
“Help! We are merging the kids’ rooms, and I am at a loss as to what decor would work.  Also we have LOTS of toys, and I don’t know how to combine all of their stuff without it looking crammed.”

After seeing pics of her kids’ current rooms, I knew we’d need some creative options to tame the toys, but I also wanted a plan to make it a “bright & happy” room that both kids would love. Here’s a peek into my process for this project and tips if you’re considering a shared room for your “littles”…


1. Use one color to distinguish each child’s space and things.
(We used red for Elsie & blue for Henry.)
-Storage totes
-Frames for art (not pictured on the design board)
-Rocking chairs

2. Use vertical space to store toys.
My client knew that two times the toys in one room would soon equal two times the mess. I came up with several options for toy storage using wall space to make sure everything has it’s place.
-Wire baskets for stuffed animals hung on the wall.
-Totes in square shelves
-Ladder with bins (from Bed, Bath & Beyond)[Read More]

Color Combo: Pink & Red In the Home

At one point in my life I considered mixing pink and red a cardinal decorating sin. Now, I’m digging it. Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite examples from the web and break down how it works in each room.

Also I’ll show you a few ways to “test the waters” in your own home if you’re like me and strangely attracted to this rebellious color combo. This is a good time of year to try it out. If you chicken out on keeping it permanently, make it your post-Christmas kind of seasonal Valentine’s Day decor. (Yeah, I know that was a stretch…)

IMAGE SOURCES: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Pink and red home decor items

Rug source (exact rug no longer available) / side table / pillow 1 / pillow 2 / pillow 3/ napkins /
chair (under $250!!)/ books / bedroom image / “For Like Ever” poster / abstract art 

How do you feel about using pink and red together in decor? I posed this question on Instagram over the weekend to see what some of you thought. I styled a stack of pink and red books on my console table to see how I felt about the red color combo in my own home. I’ve “auditioned it” for a few weeks (something I highly recommend doing if you can), and I think I’m ready to commit on a larger scale.

The easiest and usually least expensive ways to try out this trend-or any color combo-is through artwork and throw pillows. 

Using semi-temporary decor items isn’t just for those with commitment phobia, it’s just a fun way to keep things fresh if you like to change things in your home often. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, rugs and textiles like drapes or bedding would be more of an investment. And if want to dive head first into this love affair with red and pink, you could go bold and paint your walls, try a DIY project like this one, or purchase a statement furniture piece.

Pink & red console table booksQ: Ok, give me your thoughts…Love it? Hate it? Want to try it, but can’t shake the feeling that it’s just not right?