The Quick Fix: KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms

Decor "Quick Fix": Use white dishes to decorateHello, hello! It’s Thursday, which means another decorating guru is stopping by to share their “Quick Fix” with us.Today our guest is the lovely KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms.I have to stop myself from using all caps and excess punctuation because …I just ADORE HER!!!

(Well, I tried.)

Decor "Quick Fix" with Thistlewood FarmsHer style? Layered and light and cottage fabulous.

In the best kind of way.KariAnne’s farmhouse looks like it’s straight out of the pages of Southern Living Magazine. It oozes charm and makes you want to just settle in and stay for a while. As does KariAnne. She is a legendary blogger and a blog “mentor” to me.

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Recent Project & Creating A Style Guide

E-Decor by Heather FreemanHave you ever bought something on a whim and regretted it within the first 5 minutes of bringing it home? Yep, we all have. (And if you haven’t, we really don’t want to hear about it.)

This has usually happened to me when the words “Clearance” or “Biggest Sale Ever” were involved.

Or when I was on a deadline to get my house guest-ready.

If you’re tackling several rooms at once or have recently moved, you’re even more vulnerable to the temptation to buy on a whim because empty rooms can make you do crazy things. On the other hand, it can be REALLY overwhelming trying to approach every room from scratch, and you might be frozen in what I call purchasing paralysis.

As in, “Please just pass me the chocolate and I can’t even deal with this” kind of paralysis.

Today I’m sharing a way to help you avoid some stress and resist impulse buys for your home. I’m also giving you guys a sneak peak of the beginning stages of a local project that’s wrapping up soon.[Read More]

The “Quick Fix” with Cassie of Primitive & Proper

Decor "Quick Fix" with Primitive & ProperHappy Thursday! It’s time for another decor “Quick Fix”, and this week our guest is Cassie of Primitive & Proper.

Not only is Cassie a multi-talented blogger, but she owns the most adorable vintage decor shop and is a DIY furniture maven. This girl can ROCK a furniture refinish like nobody’s business.

OK, when I saw Cassie’s “fix”, I tilted my head to the side and thought, “Huh…That is ridiculously simple and brilliant. Why aren’t more people doing this?!?”[Read More]

Introducing Decor Coaching: Help for Your Home

Decor CoachingHello, friends! Today I’d like to give you a behind-the-scenes into my work and properly introduce you to my decor coaching services.

I started doing virtual “Solution Sessions” with readers last year, but for some reason I never really shared it in a post. After “meeting” and working with several lovely readers, I’ve realized that most people just need a little push to make a huge difference in their home. So here’s the run down on what that looks like…

“Decor coaching” is just what it sounds like. Unlike design services where I create specific design plans for you, through coaching I teach you how to make intentional decisions for your home.

You tell me what you’re struggling with.

I offer tips, advice, and solutions for your space.

I help you prioritize and point you in the right direction to with some resources.

You have the inspiration & direction to tackle your space.

Most people who hire me don’t need full-blown design plans. They’re simply looking for someone to help them navigate the tricky spots in their home and give guidance on what to buy and how to style it.

Topics Covered in Past Coaching Sessions…
-Paint color & color scheme
-Floor plan or layout of the room
-Furniture suggestions
-Artwork ideas and placement
-Advice on what fixtures to buy
-Inspiration to redecorate using existing pieces
-Finding your decorating style [Read More]