What I Wish I Had I Known Before Buying An Old Home

What I Wish I Had Known Before Buying An Old HomeI want to preface this post by saying that I love our home. When Stu and I drove up to the curb for the very first time, this 1940’s Tudor style charmer stole my heart.

I fell hard and fast.

We put in an offer within 48 hours.

For someone who had her heart set on a historic home, there’s was probably nothing short of writing on the wall that could have dissuaded me from buying one. However, I wrote this post as a kind of cautionary tale to anyone who might be as naive as I was when purchasing an old home as their first home.

I’ll start by sharing my eager homebuyer sentiment and follow it up with some cold, hard homeowner truth…[Read More]

The One Accessory That Every Room Needs

The one accessory every room needs | Decor FixThere are only a handful of blogs that I’ve been reading since 2010, and Hi Sugarplum! is one of them. Today the girl behind the blog, Cassie Freeman, is here with her go-to styling tip on this Thursday’s decor “Quick Fix”.

If by some chance you don’t already know Cassie, let me officially introduce you…

She’s a Texas girl with a love of color, flair for DIY, and a PhD in sarcastic humor.

(I mean, what’s not to love?)[Read More]

How to Pick a Fabric Pattern for Upholstery

How to pick the best fabric for an upholstery projectShopping for fabric can be an overwhelming task. Even if you already know the color scheme you want, deciding on a pattern can be the trickiest part.

If you’ve decided to reupholster a piece or furniture, the last thing you want is to waste time and money choosing a pattern that doesn’t work.

Today I’m going to walk you through my thought process of how to pick the best fabric pattern for upholstery. Notice I didn’t say “fabric”, just the pattern. (I’l have a post on fabric type coming soon.)

How to pick the best fabric for an upholstery project

The star of this post is my latest DIY upholstery project…a bench plucked from flea market obscurity that landed in my living room.

You might have seen my post on Instagram the day I discovered this diamond in the rough…There she was just sitting there forlorn and disheveled. Her previous owner had painted her maroon and then dressed her in a cheap oatmeal colored canvas.

She was NOT living up to her full potential.

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A Cure for the Common Headboard

The cure for a boring headboardHappy Thursday and welcome to another decor “Quick Fix” feature. Today you’re in for a treat as the uber talented Shavonda of SG Style shares a simple and stylish cure for the common headboard…Not that a neutral headboard is boring, but sometimes you just need a change!

Shavonda has this amazing ability to infuse color and mix patterns in her charming bungalow. We first connected on Instagram when she shared a little about her downsizing journey. It was so refreshing to hear her take on saying goodbye to a large, underutilized home and choosing to maximize every inch of a smaller home. (I’m so draw to this idea of down-sizing right now…anyone else??)[Read More]